Monday, August 27, 2007

For her

Eyes search for someone very special
but couldn’t visible for,
any particular reason
time comes closer with words
in hope waited, its just tick sounds
some anonymous made it, near my ears.

no need a world or some,
a feel that you are with me
is desirable to hold for movements
the mind, a free bird you see
it flies over the puzzle in affection,
but who knows this love is aimless.


omen said...

its really superb mr.jeevan. I like this line very much "But who knows this love is aimless".keep it up.

kalai said...

Nice feel Jeevan...

balar said...

kalakkunga kavingre..:)

Anonymous said...

I will sincerely wish & hope for you Jeevan that your eyes do get struck to that someone from whom you cannot again move your eyes...and that Love will not be aimless....lovely words & the post

Alok said...

the tenderness and the desire is so evident Jeevan,

I for myself have noticed u writing poetry from one of ur post "Sunday, Monday" and it for me is still so close to my heart but I have enjoyed all ur poems after that ...

u write beautifully Jeevan

"it flies over the puzzle in affection,
but who knows this love is aimless. - too good


gP said...

your yearning, made this poem such a lovely read. It has life.

Keshi said...

this verse screams Longing. Lovely!


Jeevan said...

Omen – Welcome here! Thank for you comment :)

Kalai – Thank you.

Balar – hehe… thanks nanba :)

Kalian – Thank you so much buddy!! Let your wish comes true soon…

Alok – Thanks for encouraging alok :) happy to know u enjoying my write-ups.

GP – Thanks buddy! Hope you are doing great there.

Keshi – Thank you dear :)

Priya said...

Beautifully written here.

krystyna said...

Jeevan, I noticed you have a big talent as a poet. Your poem touched me.
Keep your talent up!

Anonymous said...

Nice one jeevz..u r a good poet