Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Young Achiever Narain

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Narain Karthikeyan, the First Indian Formula 1 Driver from coimbatote Tamilnadu. Born on January 14th 1977, he studied Business Administration, UK & Elf Winfield Racing School, France. He became the first Indian to win the British Formula Ford Winter Series, one of his many first.

1996 saw him win the Formula Asia championship with a host of records and first in his kitty. He was the only Asian and also the only Indian to win Formula Asia International series.

2001 was a watershed year for Narain. He got behind the wheels of a Jaguar R1 car on June 14, thus becoming the first Indian to test a Formula One car. Finished fourth in the championship series with 5 podium finishes, having competed with 22 best drivers in the world representing 11 nations, some of them Ex-Formula 1 drivers and current Formula 1 test drivers. Creates history in the annals of Indian motor sports by becoming the first Indian to drive in F1 World Championship. Presently drives for Jordan F1 Grand Prix Team.

Now here’s a daring rookie with a motto dare to dream emblazoned across his yellow machine.
His aim is to win the F1 Race.
Best of luck Narain.


Jagan said...

His name is to win F1 race ....Hmmm..I doubt if he can achieve that with the yellow machine ...

Jagan said...

i meant "his aim" and not "his name" as mentioned above :-)

Jeevan said...

Thanku for visiting my blog Jagan.

Your Blog is intersting. there is no doubt he will win F1