Friday, March 10, 2006

Encountering Camille Pin, Sania learnt that winning is all that matters, eventually.

After long days (last post on Sania’s birthday) I am posting about Sania Mirza.

It is a surprise that Sania Mirza's legion of fans return after every performance emotionally intact. Watching her game, one experiences extreme emotion agony and ecstasy, anger and awe sometimes, over the course of just one shot. What starts off as a rally-ending killer could find it trapped in the net. Until the ball has landed, its fate cannot be predicted.

Sania is no magician, but a destroyer with a single weapon (her forehand) that could work both ways. After the Dubai match Martina Hingis saw it (her forehand), and thought that I (Hingis) should do something different. But against Hingis, the signs were encouraging. She dropped her idea of not playing drop shots and mirrored a number of Hingis' touch and goes ones. It was far from perfect, but the idea was good and a few more of those could bring in the much-needed variety, making the person across the net think beyond converting Sania's forehand into a vestigial part of the match.

Besides that, with the amount of effort that she puts into a shot, it is a criminal waste, letting it fly outside the baseline, or halt its almost flat projectile. If nothing, her elbow will be more than thankful if the ball just about kisses the racket on a few occasions. After one year, a WTA title and a few seed-crushing bouts in the world of top-level tennis, things could not have gotten tougher for the 19-year-old Sania. Two first-round losses in Sydney and Dubai and second-round losses in Melbourne, Paris and Bangalore do not make for pleasant reading. After being forced to look to the skies to counter Camille Pin's exaggerated lobs in Bangalore, Sania would have learnt an important lesson. Winning is all that eventually matters. In Bangalore, it didn't matter that she was leading 5-3 in the second set after winning the first. It didn't matter that as far as talent went, she would have dwarfed her opponent. All that mattered was winning, which her opponent managed effectively. It was a different kind of a match. She did what she had to, to win, remarked Sania. Sania guess that she has to learn and practice more on how to play such players. For her sake and for ours, we hope Sania does.


Sania Mirza marked her return from an elbow injury with a come-from-behind victory in the women's doubles of the $2.1 million WTA Tour Pacific Life Open at Indian Wells in California, USA. The Sania, who suffered the injury on her serving arm two weeks ago, partnered Ai Sugiyama of Japan to defeat Anotonella Serra Zanetti of Italy and Stepahnie Foretz of France 4-6, 6-4, 6-4 in the first round of the Tier 1 event yesterday.
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smiley said...

Sania will bring more laurels to our country in 2006. maybe she will break into the top 10

neighbour said...

Hope she will start here winning stream from now.

WA said...

aaahaa idhe photova ethana blogla thiruppi thiruppi paarkanumnu irukko theriyalai :D

awakeningcoma said...

sania thotha enna jeyicha enna photo onnu pothumey

Jeevan said...

Smiley –last year she said I will enter top 50, she did, hope this year she will enter 10.

Neighbour – she has already started her stream.:)

Angel – enna panna, ellorum sania fans aayetanga.

Awakening – appadi solu.