Thursday, April 20, 2006

Aravind’s kadi (bite)

Hi guys, I am Aravind (Jeevan’s cousin brother), I have written some jokes in my brother’s blog. I have come to his house for my summer Vacation. Hope u all will enjoy it.

Q. We all know that Columbus discovered America, what he did, after putting his first leg on the America?

Ans: He put his second leg.

Q. Already two world wars has end, if another world war held what will happen?

Ans: One lesson will include in History.

Q. A teacher asked a student where is kanyakumari? The student blink and said, I don’t know, for that teacher ask the student to stand on the table?. What did that student replayed?

Ans: If I stand on the table can I see the kanyakumari sir?


WA said...

Thanga mudiyaladaa saami

Ven said...

apadi eppadi ellam

visithra said...

lol at the last one

Naayagan said...


smiley said...

nalla kadi :) publish some more jokes :)

Jeevan said...

Angel – haha…. Thanks

Ven - :)

Visithra – thanks, akka. My brother shows your blog, I like the kid’s photos:)

Naayagan – Thank you:)

Smiley – thinking, will try. Thanks:)

Aravind said...

above comment is mine.

Jo said...

hehe... your cousin brother is very humorous. :-)

Ferocious Killer Kat said...

lol at the last one.. nifty!

Adaengappa !! said...

Aravind,madras veyil-la manda kaanju pocha ?
summer-la kosu thollai illaina,intha blog padicha semmaya kadi..Wow..
Goodones !

Shuba said...

Aravind...Vilayum payir mulaiyile teriyum....Future popular blogger valga...Real cool jokes....Keep it up..Post more in your brothers blog

lil _kath said...

...haha cutee cousin's bro. ^_^ made me laughed in the morning ,thanx!
...keep em joking *wink*


வேதா said...

aha jeev, unnoda cousin romba kadikararu:) keep them coming and happy holidays.

Aravind said...

Jo – thanks :)

Kunsjoi – very thanks

Adengappa – manda kanchi pochu, konjam ennai kudunga!:)) Thanks a lot.

Shuba – thanks for your kind words:) sure.

Kathy – thanks you, will post some jokes.

Veda – naan kadichathu valikutha, haha… we are enjoying the holidays, thanks:)