Sunday, April 30, 2006

An innocent Indian was killed by Taliban

Talibans in Afghanistan cruelly killed K.Suryanarayana, an Indian engineer today.

Yesterday Talibans kidnapped K.Suryanarayana an Engineer form Hydarabad who was working in Afghanistan, when he was driving towards Qalat in Afghan. They warned India to pull out the Indian workers form Afghan, with in 24 hours or Suryanarayana will be killed. But India rejected their demand. Before there warning time over they have cut his head and killed. Details

It was heart breaking to see the News in TV. Suryanarayana's wife, collapsed on seeing the News in TV of the body's discovery, while her three children and dozens of well-wishers wailed and cried.

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Arjuna_Speaks said...

Intha taliban naikala - veti saicha thaan intha ulagam urupadum!

Bhamini said...

I saw that. I had tears in my eyes too.

Keshi said...

WTF now the crazy fanatic have started to kill Indians too????

This is totally barbaric!


Jeevan said...

Arjuna – ella theveravathium alinja thaan intha ulagam nimathiya irukkum.

Bhamini – me too, welcome here:)

Keshi – this is the second time an Indian was killed by Talibans, very cruel.

lil _kath said...

..sorry to hear that :( when will be these people stop killing innocent one? some filipino workers are killed too in afghanistan last year..

..God help us!

smiley said...

very very sad! :(
feel very sorry for the family

Jeevan said...

kathy - they should realize there fault, untill we can't do any thing. we can only
put war on them. God should change there minds.

Smiley - very sin:(

Anonymous said...

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