Sunday, April 16, 2006

New beach, Ice cream, Tamil New Year & Achievers

Our Chennai people are discovering new beaches in chennai suburbs. Yesterday went to one of that (Palavakkam Beach), its very beautiful. We parked the car near the beach and I get to see many kids with their parents, playing balls and running here and there. the beach was very neat. After a year later I tasted the Ice cream in the beach, wow it was very sweet. And eat my favorite sundal. Enjoyed the sea breezy by hearing the Radio Mirchi. Dad went to walk, mom and I was sitting in the car and watching the sea. I have also planed to take my cousin bro & sis to this beach next week. They have arrived to my house after finishing their exams. It’s going to be a happy summer for me.

Every weekend I used to go different beaches in chennai and suburbs. I also separated the beaches, by its famous; Merina Beach is a best place for family to spent time. Besant Nagar (Elliot Beach) is a place for Lovers and Youth. Thiruvaluvar Nagar beach a place for walkers, we can see lot people go walking here in evening and morning. Palavakkam beach a best place for kids to play. Nellankarai beach is a hot place; we can see modern guys and gals here. Last one is Injambakkam Beach, is silent, and lone, every time we used to go there with cousin brother and sis, they will have a good bath in this beach.

The Tamil New Year went fine, by watching the special programs in TV by eating special dishes prepared by mom, and playing with cousin brothers, with a relative kid. The kid was very enjoyable girl; she is 2 and half year, she sing, dance and entertaining us, her name was senaha. Watched a program Siharam Thotta Tamizargal (about the legendary Tamil achievers who have made significant contribution to the society) In Star Vijay, that program was really made me cry. They interview with many leaders like, Finance Minister P.Chidambaram, Isaigyaani Ilayaraja, and Dr.Shantha of Adyar Cancer Institute. Finally they have an interview with Paramasivan, a person who lost his 3 children’s for Tsunami. It was touching interview, were he explains about the lost of his children’s, it was heartbreaking to know about his stage. But he dint broke and sit in the corner, he adopt 16 children’s who lost their parents in the tsunami and grow them as their children’s, he told that he is visiting the sea every day, in craving mood, if there kids will come back to him. In this world there are some good lives like Paramasivan and Sudamani (his wife) living in this world for others.


lil _kath said...

Woww... seems there's so many good beaches on your place yaar..^_^ i love you see my post is about beaches too coz it's summer there in Phil. and i really missed that.
..enjoy summer vacation Jeevan ,of course with your family and friends...:)


Arjuna_Speaks said...

Jeevan - ella beachum nalla beach illa jeevan :(..inga our beach iruku - I dont know whether it is a beach - but it is a beach :))..horrible..namma marina super beach..atleast u enjoy :)..

Arjuna_Speaks said...

Jeevan - regd ur post on agricultural colleges in tamil nadu where u have pointed that there is only one agri college in tamil nadu - I dont think that is right..ennaku therinchu there is an agricultural college in Virali malai near trichy..I know this because anga iruntha oru ponna naan luv panninen :p lol

Ferocious Killer Kat said...

wow thats some good fun stuff jeevan!! enjoy your summer with family, friends and cousins!!

visithra said...

wow u had fun ;)

monu said...

i was at the hospital with my sis...for regular checkup
and saw many kids..thats was kinda fun too!

i didnt know there were so many beaches around chennai..i have been to marina and the besant nagar beach...
thats all...

Jeevan said...

Kathy - Sure, this summer will be unforgettably for me. U too enjoy with your family and friends.:)

Arjuna – I think the rivers will be nice in London. Marina, eppa ponalum ora mathiri irukkum, bore’a adikkathu. Nice information, hum, vevasaiya kalluri ponnakoda love pannirukengala;) what is the name of that collage?

Kunsjoi – thanks for your wishes:)

Visith – ya:)

Monu – nice u too got fun, by watching kids; the kid’s cry is also beautiful. U can find many beach on the ECR, visit them one day.

Arjuna_Speaks said...

Jeevan - he he - it is called the agricultural college..per theriyala - kadalukum ponnu padikira collegekum samabandham luv lasted only for one week..the next week she got married to someone :((

"vaala meenukum vilanga meenukum.."

Keshi said...

Happy New Year mate! It was the NY for us too :)


Jeevan said...

arjuna - ada pavama, antha ponnu kuduthu vachathu avalavuthaan, ungala mathiri oru alahava payana vittutu porathuku eppadi thaan antha ponnuku manasu vathuchao

keshi - so nice:)