Sunday, April 09, 2006

Pattial (Tamil Movie)

Yesterday went to Pattial Tamil Film, in Prathana Drive-in Theater. Pattial is a film about two friends Selva (Bharath) & Koshy (Arya). There business is Dancing in front of death procession and killing for wage. Koshy thing the only relation for him is Selva. A girl Saroja (Padmapriya) love Koshy, but Koshy avoid her. In between, Selva met a girl Sandhya (Pooja) in Meidcal Pharmacy, get friendship wither her and the friendship turned as Love. In a situation, Sandhya know about Selva (who is a killer) and avoid him.

The further story is about how they encounter, and how they face the problem and did sandhya accept selva, what happen to Koshy and Saroja. The end was very sad, but has a message (who every took the knife or gun, one day will die on that)

The scene’s I like

First half was very entertain and the second half was sad.
The scenes where selva meets sandhya are very nice.
Were selva and koshy frightening actor Krishna is very comedy.
The chasing, killing and fighting scenes are thrill.
When koshy die and selva dance for his death process is melting scene.
The second song Eathatho enangal vandu… song is very nice to hear and the dance movements, seaside is really fine.
The two gana (rap) songs one was singed my Illaiyaraja was fitted for the songs namba kattula… are stimulating to dance.

Bharath has improved in his acting as a deaf and dumb. The drink hand koshy, looking like a read drinker. The Selva & Sandhya are appropriate pare. The scenes were Saroja was rape by her boss son, and when koshy know the matter and kill him in the toilet is cruel.
The screenplay, played well. Pattial pattaiya kalaputhu.

I have missed 10 minutes of the film, because our car stopped, with out petrol. So we called our uncle, he find the place and brought the petrol and then we went late.


Adaengappa !! said...

Theme of the movie .."Kathi eduthavanukku kathialla...."

Onnu mattum enaku puriya maatenguthu! How come heros get girls just like that ?Be them a rowdy or raja !

visithra said...

adengappa - enna the truth of getting the romance would be a longer story ;p

jeevan - i just watched the movie last night enna coincidence ;)) liked it a lot

Keshi said...

Must see this then! Thanks for the intro..and I like Arya, he's cute ;-)


WA said...

I too saw it last week (on the computer though) Don't you think there are too many violent movies nowadays?

Arjuna_Speaks said...

Jeevan - namma erandu perukum etho pona piravi bantham irukum pola :) - I also saw the movie yesterday - internet-la parthen..nalla wasnt very clear - VCD copy..

Padmapriya super-a iruntha illa? ;)

Ferocious Killer Kat said...

never been to a drive-in theater before :(

Jeevan said...

Adengappa – girls are seeing the hero’s strength and his energy power and love them. Story appadi vantha nammba enna panna mudium.

Visith – bharath has acted well, hope u enjoyed :)

Keshi – go and see your fav cute arya;)

Jeevan said...

Angel – yes, many gangster and rowdy movie are come now. Hope this trend will change soon.

Arjuna – Thirutu VCD’la parthannu sollunga. Amma, Padmapriya sirecha nalla irukku;)

Kunsjoi – this drive-in is near Beach, this is the first Beach Drive-in Asia. There is no Drive-in, in US?

Keshi said...

hehe :):)


lil _kath said...

..aww cutee tamil hunks hehe..^_~ i've never seen a tamil movie yaar..hope to catch some dvd one of this days!

susubala said...

Even i heard many of my friends saying that Pattial is very good. Ought to see that bef I leave Chennai.

Jeevan said...

Kathy - another arya fan is ready :) sure watch tamil movies.

susubala - its good.:) go and watch.

Anonymous said...

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