Friday, April 28, 2006

Tag 10 things I miss the most (continue)

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7. Joint Family

I have experienced the join family life for 4 years after my uncle (dad’s bro) got marriage. Mom, dad, brother, grandma, uncle aunt, my small cousin bro, and me. I enjoy that life, with helping each other. If my mom was sick my aunty help us to get ready for school and she will bring lunch to us. We celebrate the function like pongal, diwali, porridge distributing day in Aadi (a Tamil month) with all. Gathering and pray to god at same time, eating food, going out for temples, beach was enjoyable. After years there was a small misunderstand between them and my uncle gone separate (to first floor, we are in ground), even after going separate they used to join with us in functions. But now we changed the area, and miss the celebration with them.

8. Family function

I have 2 uncles and a aunty who born with my mom, I have attended all there marriages. I cant forget my aunty’s marrage, where me and my bro following my aunty were ever she goes. I call my aunty amma, she was very love on me, I was on the stage when she marrying. We stand on the reception and spray the rose water and welcome the guest and running here and there. I attend a marriage function of my cousin in 2003, after that I dint went to any other marriage. I like the marrage food, so sweet. Miss

9. Driving Cycle, scooty & car

Will you hope if I tell that I have learned to drive cycle in 1 and half hours. After buying the cycle the next I drive it on my own, but I don’t know how to get down from the cycle. I used to go near the sand, which used to build building and fall on that and stand. I have used the cycle for at 6 or 7 years. On weekends my dad take me in his scooty and give to drive. We round the Besant Nagar and Thiruvanmiur area (in Chennai), I will sit in the front and catch the hand bare and drive. When my uncle was free he teach me how to drive car, I sit on his legs and control the staring, some times he sit the passenger seat and teach me how to accelerate and use the break and gears. I have controlled the steering for long distance when we were going to Thirupathi.

10. Many.....

Walking on the beach sand and reach the Sea. Standing in the rain, after rain stopped my friends, and me go to the next street and play in the water which stand’s on the road. Leave the kite to fly on the sky from our grandpa terrace, in the mid- afternoon and get scold form grandma. If the over tank overflows, we go and stand under the water. Collecting the money and buying coco cola and secretly drink with cousin uncle in the balcony. There are many, I have missed, totally the normal life.

It was an interesting tag, just try and see.


Arjuna_Speaks said...

Jeevan - dont worry :)..God is there with u - when he is there - there is nothing to worry :) happy..we r all there for u :)..Naan irukiren Jeevan :)..

Truly Yours said...

Jeevan: Get over it dude. Memories from hast should not haunt you at all. Take the good, shoot the rest.

"When you laugh, everyone laughs with you; when you cry, you cry alone. So if you do not worry, you will have more friends" :

Jeevan said...

Arjuna – arjuna irukkara varaikum yanakku eatharku worry:) thank you nanba.

Truly Yours – I will not worry, because I got many good friends like you:)

lil _kath said... have a great memories with your family,friends,neighbors and everybody around you i can say that you're lucky enough to have all the loves from them.
..cherished those memories forever in your heart!
... how great that we have our family with us for always..we can count on them. being away with my family for several years now, feels the emptiness sometimes but having my family of my own now ,i need to be brave and accept what i have now...and do my best for the sake of them.

...goodluck to us ^_^
life is beautiful!


tulipspeaks said...

:) nice tag..

know more about


Jeevan said...

Kathy - thanks, you should enjoy with your family which you get. Happy Sunday:)

Amutha - Thank you:)

Ven said...

i also missing my friends & my normal life...

i like all yr posts..