Friday, June 02, 2006

Kodai Kondattam (celebration)

These flowers were grown on the compound of our House were we stayed

Trichy Uchchi Pillaiyar Kovil (top ganesh temple), took when i was crossing Cauvery river

My Kodai Kondattam (enjoy) started on 26th Friday We took a Toyota Quails for out travel; luckily I sit in the front seat for sight scenes. It takes at least 12 to 13 hours to reach Kodaikanal. This was the long distance I traveled in last seven years. The highway road was very nice up to Dhindivanam, after that the road was shorter as 2-way lane. I really feel that traveling in highways is risk. The Driver Raja was driving well without any sudden break or Sound Horne (only in some unavoidable turns). The climate was very cool when we start our travel. The sight scenes are very beautiful, the Cauvery River, the small villages, fields, hills ect.. The road form Dindigul to Kodai road was beautiful with 2 sides’ hills, coconut grove, banana grove and sunflower fields. When we cross the Thiruchi 3 Quails was overtake us, in that the Pondicherry Chief Minister R.Rangasamy was traveling, we can’t hope that a chief minister was traveling before us. He was very simple; with only 2 police vehicles are following him. We were following him, they also traveling in Quails, they were very fast, our driver was chasing them, it was very easy to for us, the opposite vehicles leave way for us, every one thought our vehicle was also Chief Minister. It was very funny, people on the road are seeing our vehicle and taking some thing, my cousin brother was showing hands for them. I think he was going for Palani Murugar temple, so he went on another way. We thanked him, to, clear our way and help the travel easy.
Kodaikanal with Mist

Every place was very green, the road form Kodai Road to Kodaikanal was wonder, I enjoyed it, the bends and the horn sound was remember traveling in Thirupathi hills. When we travel higher the wind was cool, the moneys are welcoming us with their kids, the drizzle are very nice. When we reach the top we cant see nothing down, because of mist, everywhere was mist. Very very cool, my two eyes are not enough for seeing that. WOW



WA said...

HaHa I can imagine you guys waving at the villagers and them thinking that you are with the CM :) Looking fwd to more

Jo said...

Hope you had a nice time there!

My days(Gops) said...

welcum back jeev...
nice to hear tht u enjoyed a lot..
btw, thnks enga oor tirchy "Rockfort"a padam pidichathuku......

lil _kath said...

...seems u had a good time yaar ^_^ that's coool!!
..i love the pics.^_~

enjoy weekend!


Shuba said...

welcome back jeevan...that was areal nice description!

Truly Yours said...

Thats really nice. I am sure you would have had a blast

tulipspeaks said...

sumone had a great time.. :) cool..


Ferocious Killer Kat said...

welcome back jeevan.. seems like you had loads of fun.. and those pics look awesome!!

visithra said...

lol at the hand waving - ;p

looks like u had lots of fun

Keshi said...

WB Jeevan! aww I missed ya!

Dun worry..I'll be bak soon..:)


Jeevan said...

Angel – I think so, it was very funny, even the vehicle before us leave space for our vehicle to go.

Jo – great and happy time jo, thanks:)

Gops – I also remember u when I reach Trichy. If I went to Kodai this month last, I have a chance to see the water in Cauvery, because the government will open the mettur dam on 7th this month. It was very fun.

Kathy – I enjoyed it. Thanks :)

Shuba – Thanks Friend. Nowdays I am not regular in reading blogs and posting, will return to normal soon.

Jeevan said...

Truly yours - :) thank you.

Amutha – Me had a great time. Very enjoyable:)

Kunsjoi – thanks for continuously reading my blog dear Friend. :)

Visith – hand waving was funny:) it was a nice fun.

Keshi – me too missed your writings keshi, take your own time:)

ashok said...

beautiful white and yellow flower...looks like egg 'bulls eye '

Jeevan said...

ashok - :) thanks.