Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tag About Me

Sweet Kathy tagged me

I am thinking about ------ How to face my future, and about our India’s development.
I said ----------------------- what I think
I want----------------------- my happiest days, which I send some years back.
I miss----------------------- school friends, Old house, playing with kids
I hear----------------------- prayers of well wishers who pray for me
I wonder------------------- about the lives and how the world was created
I regret--------------------- who ever, other than me
I am------------------------ Jeevan, u don’t know
I dance--------------------- in dream (with trisha;), or in imagination.
I sing----------------------- inside my mind & put some songs in CD and sing together.
I cry------------------------ some times inside my mind, don’t know when it is going to blast haha…
I make with my hands--- what ever I can do.
I write---------------------- blogs to share my feelings and thoughts
I confuse------------------- on every thing, when takings some decisions
I need----------------------- strength to fight to live.
I should--------------------- learn how to live, and make others happy
I start------------------------ counting every seconds, because I am time saver.
I finish----------------------- writing this tag:)

I tag Veda, Arjuna & Monu


வேதா said...

aha matikiteeney. will post it sure:)

Ghost Particle said...

//I cry------------------------ some times inside my mind, don’t know when it is going to blast haha…//

---> Dont worry, everyone is thingking of something that either doesnt happen or is unfair to us. But probably everything is going the right direction.

razick said...


lil _kath said...

...oh u did it Jeevan , coool!! ^_^
i love all ur answers yaar esp. the...

**i dance....in dream with Trisha(wow shes the actress u've post last time right?)hehe..am i right??:P



starry nights said...

nice post. learned a lot about u.

Jeevan said...

Veda – Thanks.

GP – yes, you are right bro.

Razick – Hi da

Kathy – yes u r right, the same girl. Thank you.

Starry Nights – Thanks, :)

visithra said...

ncie oen

priya said...

That was so sweet of you Jeev!!!

Arjuna_Speaks said...

nice tag brother - I shall write soon :)

Jeevan said...

Visith – Thanks you

Priya – Hi Priya Welcome here. Thanks:)

Arjuna – Thanks bro

வேதா said...

hi jeev, mission accomplished.:)

Jo said...

You have the strengh to fight this life buddy.

Jeevan said...

Veda - thanks

Jo - THanks friend:)