Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A year completed in Blogging

Yes I started writing blogs last year June (20th 2005), now I completed one year with all your support. Jeevans world is interviewing with its editor Jeevan, lets read his answers:

How do u come to know about Blog and got Friends?

Really I don’t know what is blog and what’s its use. After I got Internet connection in my house, I used to browse only Yahoo.com and chennaionline.com and chat. So if I get any website address in Newspaper, I will check that site, like this one day I got some blog address in Hindu newspaper and in the same way I check that site and come to know that some persons have wrote about there personal thoughts and suggestion on some issues. In there blogs I saw a link called comments, I went there and saw many people have written their thoughts about the issue, when I try to comment their, it asked username and password so I leave it. After some days this blog comes to mind every time, so I decided to try it and got the register link form comments and created one. Even after started writing the blog, I don’t get any comment like others, so I forget to check the comment pages and continuously posting. One day accidentally when I check my previews post, I saw 1 comment; it was our Adengappa (Prabu) who have appreciated my writings. He was my first blog friend; through his blog I went to some blogs and started write comments. My first female blogger to read my blog is Vasanthi. I got many friends only after Narayanan Venkitu link my blog in his blog and wrote about me, this what my blog travel started. First of all I don’t know this was blog, I thought it was a website and wrote some information’s, in other blogs they write about there life, memories and what are they doing everyday, so I tried to write about me and.

Why you chose JeevansWorld as your blog name?

After I come to know about Internet, I like to have an own site for me, to write the information’s, which I got, so this blog filled my wish. When I decided to give a name for the site, a idea struck my mind, it tell if you write information’s are form all over the world, your site name must be related to world and I thought if my site get many audience and become famous, we cant change the name so I add my name in that and wrote Jeevan’sWorld. Now this blog is my world, I can write any thing, what ever I think and what ever I read.

Are u Happy after writing blogs?

No I am not happy, I am very very happy. I dint imagine I will get many good friends; I should Thanks every Friend, who are reading my blog and appreciating me. This day, last year, I don’t know I will get many readers. This blog inspire me to think, what to post tomorrow, will readers like the post or not, many thoughts every day. I like the tags, which help other to know about us and we know about others (first persons to tag me is Jagan and Preethi).

About year 2005?

2005 is unforgettable year for me; it’s an eye-opening year. Before 2005 my days are like watching TV, Computer games, hearing songs and watching the road form Balcony. In 2005 my mind turn on Readings (really don’t know how my mind turns on reading), I brought Newspapers and started reading, first it takes at least 1 and a half hours to read the headlines and first paragraphs on every news. Now it decreased to 45 minutes, for English newspaper, and half an hour for Tamil paper. Form February, I started to read Magazine The Week. If my mind dint turns on readings, sure I haven’t started this blog and got Friends to share. Friends not only stopped by reading my blog, they call through phone and met me in my house. Even my drawing skills have improved, in 2005. I was interested in drawing form my school days, after come out form the school, I have drawn many and only my parents will appreciate me, after the drawings will be one corner and some have lost. This blog brings my interest in drawing, after I post some of my drawings here and got encourage form you. It’s my luck to have you all here.

What are u going to tell for your Friends on this Day?

Keep on reading my blogs and share my feelings and encourage me, your encouragements are my strength dears. My English knowledge has increased now after reading your blogs, so I will never forget to read your blogs, and share your feelings. Because of your true love only I have complete a year in Blog. Thanks Friends:-)


Ven said...

Congrats for one yrs of Blogging.
This post is very nice.
I like the way u write this post.
Keep reading & writing..

Venkatesh V.N

WA said...

Congratulations Jeevan. Nice job and keep going. Looking forward to loads more

MY VIEWS said...

best wishes for your upcoming post...

Ash said...

congrats and happy blogging.......
celebrate a wonderful second year too ...

Jeevan said...

Venkatesh – Thank you, sure will continue my readings and writings with your bless:)

Angel (WA) – Thanks dear, hope to give you all nice post’s to read.

My Views – Welcome here, Thanks:) will check your blog.

Ash – With your wishes, Thanks you. Welcome here.

lil _kath said...

woww congrats Jeevan " happy one-year anniv." me too i will have my first anniv. soon (july) so goodluck for more years of blogging to us...^_^


Adaengappa !! said...


Good to know you !

Jo said...

Happy Anniversary Jeevan!!! I have enjoyed your writeups here buddy. Keep coming with more.

ashok said...

congrats Jeevan...keep it up!

moonlight said...

congrats,nxt year match would a year 4 me,I feel u n I wait dt day also.
Thanks 4 appreciating me n calling me ya blog friend.
Keep on d good work cuz u have a nice site.
Watz ya kind of color?

Shuba said...

Congrats!your posts are real good!keep rocking!

Keshi said...

Happy 1ST BLOG BURRRDAY Jeevan :)

Im so happy oyeah...cos writing and reading blog posts has made me realise who I really am and also gained me so much knowledge and countless new friends!


வேதா said...

hi jeev,
congrats on ur successful finishing of a year. u know u r one month senior to me in blogging. i complete a year in blogging next month. keep blogging. all the best wishes yaar.

My days(Gops) said...

congrats on ur 1st b'day in blog world.. jeev..
unga self interview super....
really very nice.....keep blogging..

Ferocious Killer Kat said...

congrats jeevan on 1st blog birthday. Incidently you were the 1st person to comment on my blog :-)

Dubukku said...

Congrats Jeevan..

kalakareenga ponga :)

Jeevan said...

Kathy – Thanks dear, Happy blogging:) advance wishes for u.

Adaengappa – Thanks Friend, nice to have a friend like u. pls comment in my blog in this name Adaengappa, every time:)

Jo – Thanks Jo, u have attracted me with your sweet voice.

Ashok – Thanks you.

Moonlight – Thanks a lot, looking for more post in ur blog.

Shuba – Thank u shuba:)

Keshi – Thanks friend, that’s the same happen to me now. I like your writings for its beauty and bold.

Veda – Thank you, sure. Advance wishes veda.

Gops – Thank you very much nanba:)

Kunsjoi – Thanks dear friend, with all of your supports only I have achieved this.

Dubukku – Thanks thalaiva.

Syam said...

Congratulations Jeevan...keep the tempo going... Good Luck :-)

Shuuro said...

Very nice jeevan, keep blogging and write what you please, instead of thinking of what we may like to read. I too started blogging last year in July, but i think i wrote few post compared to you :). As you already know, I too did not had any deliberate plan to start a blog, it happened just like that.

Good luck & keep blogging.

Jeevan said...

Syam – sure. Thank you:)

Shuuro – Yes, I know why u started the blog. Thanks shuuro, you haven’t updated your blog for last 3 months, even though you were reading my blog. Nice of you.

aruna said...

Congrats jeevan !

smiley said...

we had a year of good info, thanks. congrats and keep the info coming

Ghost Particle said...

CONGRATULATIONS BROTHER...I certainly learned alot from you! and thank you for being there for everyone. YUo are an inspiration!

visithra said...

congrats jeevanon one year - its been wonderful knowing u ;)

Jeevan said...

Aruna – Thank you Friend:)

Smiley – Sure dear, Thanks a lottt!!:)

GP – That so sweet bro:), you are an interesting man!

Visith – Thanks dear, its nice to get u as my friend:)