Monday, July 10, 2006

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Was tagged by Velu

Most Desired Celebrity - Kalam
Who other than our dream hero(President of India). Who played with dangerous weapons one time, an strength person to fly high, who makes the world to turn on us through the India's first indigenous Satellite Launch Vehicle He was an inspiration for the Indian youths and children’s, who live with many dreams. I wish to meet him and discuss about our India’s development.

My True labour will give life to my village
Our villages elevates, our families will get good prosperity
Our families lived well, our State will rise
Our State elevates, our country will evolutes as a fertile nation
We work hard and develop our Village, Sate and our Nation
- A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
My favorite thoughts form him; country will rise, only if the villages and agriculture rise.

Want to visit this place - California,
Want to have fun in Los Angels, a non-stop fun place, want to visit the Hollywood and enjoy the adventures raids, should watch the shootings of Hollywood movies in Universal Studios. San Francisco beaches, meet California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Washington is near from California, so can meet Bush and give him some ideas to save Iraq

Wish to have a – Girl Friend
I have many times craved, to have a friendship with a girl. It’s a long time wish to have a girlfriend, going out ever where with her, putting hands on her shoulder and walking, playing, dating for hours, exchanging kisses, talking with eyes, should love me always, should kiss me everywhere there is no end for my wishes haha…. Its one of wish to stand on the edge of the ship, holding tight my girlfriend, kissing for hours like a scene form Titanic.

Random Favorites - Space Station
World space Station, to watch the world’s activities. Can find any place in this world, from here, this controls many communications, and helping for space relevant researches. This wish came to me after watching the day after tomorrow film, were the scientist see the world destroying from Space Station.

Velu gave me this work, a picture tag, have to post some picture and should write about it. I have tried some any one is interested u can do it.


A Sad News : India's space programme received a major setback today. The Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV-F02) carrying the INSAT-4C communication satellite veered from its projected path and came crashing and fall down in sea. The failure of INSAT-4C meant that plans on Direct-To-Home television services and digital satellite news gathering of some channels which had booked transponder space, esp SUN TV, have been hit. Sun TV had booked seven high-powered Ku-band transponders six for DTH, and one for DSNG of the total 12 carried by INSAT-4C, the second satellite in the INSAT-4 series. Falling is the way for achive, dont worry scientists.


smiley said...

may all your dreams and wishes come true :)

karthik said...

"so can meet Bush and give him some ideas to save Iraq"

He is not going to leave Iraq until he sucks out every drop of oil from that country...

Arjuna_Speaks said...

jeevan - ungal wishes (especially the GF wish) nadapathuku en valthukal :)

praveen said...

ehem wanna gf..all the best dude!

V N said...


above everything else, may God bless u with a girlfriend. :)an absolutely fantabulous friend who just takes ur breath away!

as for Kalaam, he's the hero of a nation. great choice!

Nicely done, and thx for taking it up!

Vinesh said...

paal pole padhinaaril enakkoru girlfriend veNum :-)
sure hope u find one soon..

Pavithra said...

All the best !!
Let ur dreams come true !!

Lucky girl :-)

priya said...

Hey jeev,

Thaz cool. Donno worry wait for the right girl and you will feel happy. Hanging with too many hmmmmmm thaz only gives excitement not a long way...

Keshi said...

May ur GF come ur way soon :) Nice taggy.


starry nights said...

Nice post. I love the quote from the President.
I am with you on the space staion, would love to go out in space and also would love to meet president Bush and talk about Iraq.
I live 30 miles north of Los Angeles, when u do come here come visit me.

My days(Gops) said...

unga aaasai ellam niraivera...valthukal nanba..

Jeevan said...

Smiley – Thanks Friend:)

Karthik – hum, before he sucks the oil, the earth will be empty, already the terroris are bursting the oil wells. Let see.

Arjuna – thanks nanba, guru irukkum pothu seshianku eathu kavalai:))

Praveen – thanks you :)

Velu – hope u r wishes come true; will tell u, if I get a cute ok;) Thanks

Vinesh – girlfriend dhaanae boys'in boost allava? Thanks dear:)

Pavithra – Welcome here:) Thanks.

Priya – I agree, it gives only excitement, lets see:) Thanks priya.

Keshi – Thank you dear, I want a girl friend like you:)) just kidding. already u r my friend know.

Starry nights – ok sure, will take u with me if I get a chance to visit space station, if u get a chance, don’t forget to take me:) it’s a enjoyable life know living in LA.

Gops – nandri nanba:)

Ghost Particle said...

I admire Prez Kalam!. Hes the ultimate indian hero anywhere. And Im wishing for you number 3 also. :p cheers nanba.

lil _kath said...

Aww may God give u a girlfriend soon Jeevan ^_^ i think u will the sweetest guy of blogger :)

..goodluck *wink*

nice tag!

...hope u enjoyed the music video of GNR ^_^


Shuuro said...

Failures are part of life and helps us to learn, we should not give them great significance. Americans had numerous failures just months before their mission to moon. As your rightly, said we should not get dejected over our insat 4c satellite launch failure. What makes me bit sad is that one channel went over board and started a poll in which they asked, whether our scientists are world class or not, this silly question itself undermines our past tremendous successes in space programs.

Shuba said...

nice tag!!!ya i too read on the satellite failure ...expensive failure!

Shuuro said...

Hi Shuba,

If you had used word "expensive" with respective to cost of launch vehicle & satellite then ISRO has insured both things before the launch, therefore they will recover most of the amount. They need to work on causes of failure and come out with a bang.

Jeevan said...

GP – Thanks friend, Kalam is an inspiring man.

Kathy – is it;) thanks dear. I enjoyed the video.

Shurrou – if the Americans sit sad after the Colombia spaceship was burst in the sky when they return, they can’t send another spaceship for 2nd time. We can expect a successful launch next year. I also haven’t think about the insurance, and only thing about the waste of 400 crores.

Shuba – Thank you friend:)