Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Vote for HARISH for his dream, to come true

As u all know there was a contest Air-tel Super Singer in Star Vijay TV. Mr. Harish a Software engineer form Banglore, and a blogger too (visit his blog), was participated in this Competition and qualified to super singer finals, now he needs our help to fulfill his dream. It was his 20 years dream to become a playback singer. If he becomes a Super Singer, he will get a chance to sing in Harris Jeyaraj's upcoming movie.

The final round will be held this Friday/Saturday at 8-9pm in Vijay TV. The winner will be selected by audience vote. So Pls watch the show and Vote for him.

You can vote here online (please create an account, its free) or if u have air-tel connection in your cell phone send SMS - SS14 to 6464 or DIAL 646314 from any airtel landline. Voting lines open till 3oth July 2006, 5pm IST. Pls spread this message, to get a good playback singer. All the Best Harish:)


Shuba said...

Ya ill vote for him!

Fancy Laces said...

is he your friend? because if he is, then he's a lucky guy who got at least one truly down-to-earth friend, and if he's not acquainted with you in any way, then it just makes you nicer. I'll totally vote for him.

Syam said...

Jeevan this is not fair, he should get his votes based on his performance not by campaigning...

anyways advance Wishes to your B'DAY (July 31), have a wonder day and lot of fun... :-)

Truly Yours said...

Belated Happy Birthday. May your dreams become true.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

About Harish:

Let's hope for the best.

Harish is a great singer.

He has 10 years of Classical music traning. I think his guru is 'Madurai TN.Seshagopalan' who is one of the all time greats.

Syam - His Ennavale song last week was very well appreciated by the judge Unni.

Anyways, since the voting is with the public..let's see. IMHO - He deserves it.!

Thanks for writing about Harish

Keshi said...

yeyyy go Harish!


V N said...

yep.. read abt him in a couple of blogs. sure shall see to the little bit that I can do.


lil _kath said...

..hope he wins the competition! Godbless you Harish!! Way to go man!!

starry nights said...

I do hope he wins the competition.

KK said...

I have'nt got a chance to see this program, but read about him in some blog. I wish him luck to win the competition.

Wish you a very Happy B'day Jeevan!
Have a great day!!

Jeevan said...

Syam – Thanks, will have a nice day, with ur wishes

Truly Yours – Thanks a lot friend

Venkitu – Thank you dear:)

KK – welcome here:) Thank you, hope the day will be not bad.

Arjuna_Speaks said...

Jeevan - is Maya in the final? ;) I will vote for her :D lol - she is so pretty :D

Priya said...

enna canvas ellam panreenga.. evlo commission :)-