Monday, September 25, 2006

Dance Queen Padmini passes

Old greatest actress Padmini passes away last night in a private hospital. She was 74. She has acted in many Tamil, Hindi films and created a special place in Cinema World. Padmini who was staying in chennai was not welfare for some days.

Padmini is one of the Best actress, Tamil Film world have seen. She born on June 12, 1932 and brought up in Thiruvananthapuram. Padmini and his sister Lalitha are famously known as Travancore sisters. Both were introduced in Tamil Film World as Dance Stars in 1948. After that, for 3 years we can tell there was no film with out Padmini and Lalitha’s dance, in every film their dance performance take place. Eazhai Padumpadu (Poor’s Sufferings) is the first film where Padmini was acted and it was released in 1951. Padmini act as a pair with Shivaji Ganeshan in his second film Panam (Money). Again they join hands as a pair in Thukku Thukke (lift to lift) and the film becomes a blockbuster. Unexpectedly she acted in Amara Thibam, Mankaiyar Thilagam, Puthaiyal, Kavari, Uttamaputhiran, Irumalarkal, Vietnam Vedu, Thillana Mohanambal and much film with Shivaji Ganeshan.

Like this she also acted many film with the top hero MGR. She has acted above 250 films in Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu and much other languages. Padmini learned Bharathanatyam when she was 4 and stage performance in her age 10. After that she performed many dance programs through out India and honored the award Nattiya Peroli. In 1961 she was married to a Doctor and she refracted from Film world and when Padmini was staying in US she run a Dance school, after her husband’s death, again she acted in some movies.

Actress Padmini was honored as:
Best actress for 4 times by Cinema Fan’s association.
Tamil Nadu Government’s Kalaimamani Award.
Best Bharathanatyam Artiest award in the youth festival, which held in Russia’s capital Moscow.
FilmFare Award.
Special Postal Stamp was released in Russia to honor Padmini.
When there was a battle between India-China in 1965, she directly went to the War field and conducts a Special Program to encourage the Army Soldiers.


வேதா said...

நாட்டிய பேரொளியின் இழப்பு ஈடு செய்ய முடியாதது. 'கண்ணும் கண்ணும் கலந்து', 'மறைந்திருந்தே பார்க்கும் மர்மம் என்ன' போன்ற பாடல்களுக்கு
ஆடுவதற்கு பத்மினியே திரும்பி பிறந்து தான் வர வேண்டும், அவர் ஆத்மா சாந்தியடைய என் பிரார்த்தனைகள்.

Keshi said...

I just got this news from ur blog! I'm so saddened to hear this Jeevan. My mum was shocked too. Cos she loved Padmini and we watch her movies together.

Padmini was a great actress and a dancer. The world will miss such a skilled and beautiful woman. May her soul rest in peace!


Syam said...

May her soul rest in peace

Nirek said...

thats a sad news! She definitely got a indelible place in tamil film world!

KK said...

The world is surely going to miss a very talented person. May her sould rest in peace.

mysorean said...

May her Soul Rest in Peace!

visithra said...

ahh u didnt dissapointe me - at least u posted on it -

may her soul rest in peace

Jo said...

RIP Padmini. I loved her performance in the Malayalam movie "Nokektthaa doorathu kannum nattu"

Jeevan said...

Keshi - I am very sad that u come to know about this saddest news form my blog:(

Visith – glad u have expected me to write this.

Pavithra said...

Sad news !! Our film industry can never again get actresses like her again. She lived a meaningful life.

Anonymous said...

... may her soul rest in peace!

starry nights said...

Remember seeing her movies.Thanks for the info.She was beautiful and talented also.

Kavi said...

She was a heroine of the past years !! I liked the innocence of her face & the mischeivous smile!

We'll miss her. May her soul rest in peace!

tulipspeaks said...

like what i mentioned in visithra's blog, she is the actress i ever liked from those days.



Gaurav Jain said...

Thanks Jeevan for such a wonderful tribute to the great actress and performer Padmini. I've heard about her and recently in the news have been reading about her.

The photo you have posted is absolutely marvelous and classical. Padmini looks so much like Vaijanti Mala, doesn't she?

V N said...


Anonymous said...

oh my god!

it is really a very sad news.i like padmini very much.she was an excellent and vey beautiful dancer actress.she was the first actress to achieve feat in bollywood too.what an excellent jodi sivaji-padmini were!!!she really lived for dance till her last breath.may her soul rest in peace!!!