Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Eradicate anti-social (Story tag)

Was tagged by Pavithra

It was a different tag, where we should write a Story of our imagination. (Just a Story that all)

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It was a rainy day; roads are filled with water, as I was walking through the road. The person who was waking before me suddenly fell into the open manhole, every one was impatient don’t know what to do? But when I drop my hand inside the manhole to find him, suddenly I was pulled inside the hole. When I open my eyes I saw shock to see lots of warplanes crossing above my head and the surrounding was like desert, then I realize this was a room surrounded by screens. There I met a person whom looks like charle Chaplin. I asked him are u Chaplin; stupid I am the great Hitler. What place is this? Is it Iraq? Hitler said this is Eutopia Universe, as u guess the scenes what u see here are the live movement form Iraq through our latest technology. I brought you here for a project of destroying all the anti-social elements of this world.

Are u, telling this? Haha…. What a joke. I learn that u have killed million of people though your Racial Policy. How can I hope u like to destroy anti-social. I am very fear; first I want to go out from here, by the by why did u select me? Because you have humanity. We like your mind of helping for unknown person through our drama. So confusing, which drama? The rain, the person who fell inside the manhole are all. u realize the dignity of life; when every one was think, u the first person at least to drop ur hand to save him. My team will help u, whatever weapons u want, take, to destroy the anti-social elements. I replayed to him you haven’t incorrigible; we can’t destroy the anti- social or terror through weapon. I told, leave me and while I was running from the room, and I saw 2 persons who sadly sitting and watching the war scenes through the screen, when I ask them who are u, what are u doing here?

They introduced themselves we are the Wright Brothers, who discovered the planes. I said, I am very happy to meet you; I have to thank u for making our transport easy to fly to every corner of this world, thought your discover. Why are u very sad? They told we are unhappy about our discover. We create if for the people to enjoy flying on the sky and make the travel easy, latest development in aeronautic feel us happy but at the same time planes used for dropping bombs on innocent and kidnap to crash it on building, makes us worry. As I was thinking these and open the door, I saw lot’s children praying with an old woman before the god to save the world and I come to know that she is Mother Theresa.

I got blessings form her and I asked: mother, what’s the way to save our world, and how the anti-social people are created? She told child if some one attack us, that’s not mean we should also attack them, it will only encourage the attack there wouldn’t be an end for this. Child, we should choose the way of peace, in the short of attack there may be win or loss that we all dread, but that will never justify the pain or loss of life. We should conduct peace talk with the anti-social people and terrorist, hear there request and find a solution with out loosing lives. In this world every child are not born as terrorist or anti-social, they are created by the circumstances and their familiarity, what they see and hear. That should be changed only by the love (anbu). The wish on the Money, land and post are increasing between people, this should change. The People should stop loving things like lands, money, post…. and should start loving each other’s and respects every life.

Will start loving every one and change this world as a place of peace.

End (i finished the story :)) )


A real heroine…… in Our India


Pavithra said...

Thanks for taking up the tag.
That was a nice message.
"Love all" ;-).

priya said...

That was a good one with a nice writeup.

starry nights said...

That was a beautiful ending to the story. I f only we can love each other and live in Harmony.Happy Onam to you and your Family.

Gaurav Jain said...

nice nice post, and it looks like you met a good selection of famous people there!!

Happy Onam to you too

Syam said...

kalakita kanna kalakita....with a nice message at the end...I also have to write this tag... :-)

tulipspeaks said...

aha.. long story i guess. need to read from the beginning. will do so when i manage to steal some time from this heavy work schedule :)


Balaji S Rajan said...


Well written with a good message. Keep it up Jeevan.

Keshi said...


Happy Onam Jeevan!


Ven said...

Nice story.
Good characterisation.
Good Theme.

Jeevan said...

Pavi – Thanks so much:)

Priya – Thank you.

Starry – Thanks friend, Happy Onam too:)

Gaurav – hum… Thank u, Happy Onam

Syam – Thanks friend, hope your tag will be kalakkal:)

Amutha – Take you own time, its little big:)

Balaji – Thank your dear:)

Keshi – Thanks, Happy Onam.

Ven – Thank a lot:)

dumbdodi said...

Hey Jeevan..great tag
and I am sorry I aven't yet taken up on the one you tagged me on.Sorry jeevan..please accept my apologies

KK said...

Nice story Jeevan...loved reading it...though late :)
Anbe Sivam is surely the winning formula :)

Jeevan said...

Dumbdodi – Its ok friend, no need sorry at all ok:) Thank you.

KK – So nice to hear dear, Thanks:)

Sandai-Kozhi said...

Hi,This is the most beautiful story
ending Jeevan.Lovely message.
All the best to you.--SKM