Saturday, September 30, 2006

A week long with Bro's

It starts last Sunday when my cousin’s arrived my house in their Quarterly Exam vocation. After our kodaikanal trip I spent much times with them now. I was much happy to being with them, I canceled some of m regular plan and allocate times to spend with them. We watched some movies in DVD together, played indoor games like Carom board, throwing ball… but they will not play properly, start teasing each other and put fight and cry. Every evening I put songs for them and my brothers used to dance, Aravind danced for Vaalmuenukkum Velnagu meenukkum Kalyanam…. another bro hold the mike. Aravindwears Lunge, red shirt and tie a kerchief in his neck and shake his hand, it was very funny and had a good laugh. I was shooting the dance with my new handy cam but sadly I can’t upload the videos in the computer, because I have problem with motherboard.

Every early morning, after they wake form the sleep they come near me and lay, we chat for some time, me answer for their questions. My young cousin bro will kiss me and fondling some time, he was very sweet. They helped me in many ways these days, I was holding them and waking, my bro are very interested to make me walk, it’s really feel me so welfare that they are for me. My brother told them to act like putting fight, already they are waiting for a reason to fight, this has come as their change and they both started a real fight, but it was very funny, as usual the young one wounded little in his hand and cry. Here u can see him showing his hand before the video and crying, he was crying but we all were laughing at his reaction. I have created a blog for aravind, hope it will make him think new to continue his blog, and it will help him to read easily. It was my lovely movement with them. I was worrying not going out with them this time, because dad was well to drive car. They are heading inside the house after to avoid mosquito bite, one of my bro leaved our house 2 days before to escape form mosquito bite. I am not at all interest to do anything other than spending with them.

Achu (Ashwin) pose likes sleeping

Happy Ayutha Pooja and Saraswathi Pooja


News from Prasanna said...

Hi Jeevan

Great to know that you have good time with your cousins

WA said...

Enjoy pannu. Hope your dad feels better soon

வேதா said...

sema aatam podreenganu sollu:)

வேதா said...

sema aatam podreenganu sollu:)

My days(Gops) said...

hi jeevan, how ar u?
long time.....please give me ur phone number again....take care

KK said...

Jeevan, veetala unga cousins semma regala pola irukku... :) enjoy pannunga...
Happy Pooja hols!!! :)

Anonymous said...

... glad ur havin' a great time w/ ur cousins Jeevan! ^_^

enjoy sunday!


" Happy Ayutha Pooja and Saraswathi Pooja"


tulipspeaks said...

hey..looks like u had good time with them. family is always where our heart is. am i right? :)


vasanthi said...

Wish you the same-enjoy

Jeevan said...

Prasanna - :) yes Friend. Thanks.

Angel (wa) : Ok madam! :)

Veda – hum… but now I am alone, they left to there home:(

Gops – Super Friend:) hope ur enjoying. I have sent my No, glad to talk to u:)

KK – avanunga panna ragalaikku alava illai. Ippa schoolku pora kavalaila iruppanunga:) Thanks and same to u.

Kathy – Thanks dear:) the pooja went fine.

Amutha – you are right ammu:)

Vasanthi – welcome after a long time here:) Thanks, hope u are having good times in new country.

dumbdodi said...

How sweet..hope you are having a great time with them...i am sure you must be their favourite cousin :-)

Ghost Particle said...

Happy Saraswathy Pooja Bro.

That was a nice story of your brother and yourself. I miss the old days.