Friday, October 06, 2006

In your views

I have translated a beautiful song (Unparvail Paietiam annean....) form the Tamil Film, Something Something (for u and me) I like this Lyrics… I also like to share another song from this film, will post it later. So here goes:

I become a mad in your view,
I become a sentence in your words,
I amuse on your shy, and fainted.
Came as a memorable wave,
You have wet my heart,
I changed my young impudence, because of u.

You have been a women,
I made love with u today.
With your introduction
Me indirect on u.
All nerves stretch the music,
I jumped and jumped

Which which one! Which which one!
The letter less sounds, which I tell with u
What ever I can tell.
This was that! This was that!
Untold words, absent word
Having much many meanings.

Girl friend is I, Boy friend is u,
Our love will live in our friendship.
Male wish is I, female wish is u,
Wishes are greatest wish.

By staying near you,
Night don’t know, day can’t understand
U showed me a time.
Because of u, staying in my heart
When the time I sleep
You babble with me, without sleeping.

Mirror is u, chronometer is I
I will run run inside and live.
Love alias letter is u,
Forever I am with Love!

We all can make this Weekend a Kind one. October 8th 2005 the worst day on the History, it’s the Earthquake on the boarder's of Pakistan and India’s Kashmir, where at least a Lakh people losses their lives. Time 8.00am on the Sunday, I request every one to pray together for 2 minutes for those lovely people who die and who are still suffering form the incident, like how we did last year

Happy WeekEnd Friend:)


starry nights said...

Me first.......Nice song Jeevan. full of love.Have a good weekend.

Queen said...

Good Try the way do you write tamil kavithai's by any chance? If so, pls post them too ..

Gaurav Jain said...

Oops I saw this post a little late I guess, but I still extend my prayers for those unfortunate who lost their lives to nature's fury (and govt's apathy) in october last year.


Sandai-Kozhi said...

Thanks for reminding of that fate full day.Will sure pray for those unfortunate souls.

good translation.padam eppadi?Nallairukka?--SKM

indianangel said...

Very nice translation Jeev, something something lerundhu dhaane! Thanks for the info on oct 8 incident - may the departed souls rest in peace!

Nirek said...

thats fair try jeevan! But translation gives me a feeling of Junoon style translation!

karthik said...

Nice translation. Happy weekend..

mysorean said...

Good one Jeevan! Have a good weekend! :)

Shuba said...

great translation!

மு.கார்த்திகேயன் said...

நல்ல மொழியாக்கம் ஜீவன்.. ஆன்னால் கொஞ்சம் ஜீவன் தொலைந்து போனமாதிரி தெரியுது

tulipspeaks said...

nice song. thanks for the translation. not that i dont understand tamil. its a mean for our non-tamil speaking frens to understand and appreciate that beautiful song.


Keshi said...

great song!

Hey jeevan thats sad news...


Jeevan said...

Starry – Thanks, hope u have nice weekend.

Queen – Welcome here:) Thanks. No I haven’t wrote any tamil kavithia’s, but have tried some times.

Gaurav – I conform u saw this post very early:)

Sandai-Kozhi – Thanks. I dint saw this film, looking forward to see it soon.

Indianangel – Thank u. aam atheathaan!

Satu – Thanks

Karthik – Thank u, and same to u:)

Adi - :) hope the weekend was good for u

Shuba – Thanks

Muthu – Welcome here:) naandri. Eaatho ennala mudinjathu!

Amutha – Thanks u dear! Some times it may be funny to read this lyrics from Tamil to English.

Keshi – It’s a worst disaster in the history. Thanks.

Ghost Particle said...

suffering never ends, thats y we are humans, and only humans can help another human. Lets pray together.

Prashant said...

Good song Jeevan...........

Jeevan said...

GP – “Only humans can help another human”, how true u said!

Prashant – Thank you:)

Anonymous said...

.. nice song jeevan ^_^

sad to hear the earthquake history ;( i still remember that!

Jeevan said...

THanks Kathy. ya its very sad:(