Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Rain, Water & Sweet weekend

Before entering to my post here is a cool news: The New BlogSwara Version 2 has released today. It has much song singed, composed and written by the Bloggers. Our Jo has composed a song and singed, Narayanan Venkitu has written lyrics for a song Mella Mella... has come out well!! Go here for the Site to listed the songs.

It starts on Thursday evening; chennai receives continues rain for 3 days. It affects much people mostly the people who are staying in low areas faces flooded. In my place, the surroundings are full of water even if we want to buy some thing we have to walk on the feet long water. It looks like island, that our only street and flat was mound, we escape from water, but our opposite empty flat have 3 feet water. In the weeklong rain much insect have arrived, and every one come across our compound and enter inside the Flat. After 6 in evening we close our Door and Windows to avoid them entering inside the house. We can see many snails, leeches, millipedes on the compounds and some times caterpillars. As soon the sky darks all the frogs on the water started to freight like ambulance, and hope to see some cranes soon.

Every year the diwali brings a bore thing of sharing the Diwali sweets with relatives after worshiping the “Nombu”. Some of our relatives brought us diwali sweets and snacks, and now it’s our turn. So mom and aunty prepared Athirasam, Murukku (twine) and Ottaiadai on Friday. I also helped mom by kneading the flour and shaping it round, so she drop it in the oil and fry. In the reason of kneading the sweet flour, I drop some flour inside the mouth, it was very tasty. I am the first person to taste it in bake, after some times if will taste as much. On Sunday dad and mom got ready to visit some of our relatives house to distribute the Diwali sweets. As I was expect to know about the situation of the city in the rain, so I was with them. Actually I was not interested to visit relatives house, as they used to urge to come to their house, I just sit in car and listen to music.

The Adyar River was full flow of water, and in a place (Ashok Nagar) there was in a little bit gape to flow above the bridge. On the way return I like to go on the Mount road, its been a while I went on that road, always this road will be over traffic, but on Sunday the road was very quite and clean with little vehicles and much political flags on the side of the roads. We reached marina beach at 4.30 and the climate was wonderful, I saw new river found on the beach in the rain. Every year I visit Marina on rainy days to see the rainwater staying on the shore and sand. We had a speed drive on the rainwater; I enjoy going on the water by force. I feel its crazy act; but it was cool that every one turns towards us to see our play in water. Two years back when the whole sand was wet and we droved on the sand till sea, it was my long time wish to ride on the sand of the beach like how it comes in films. Some are bathing on the rainwater and playing.


These kids are making fun on the shore with their parents. This place is where the ganesh statues were dissolve in the sea, so it’s easy for us to go near the seawater.


mysorean said...

So, life is finally back to normal in Chennai na?! Good good!

But in certain pockets of T.Nagar, the roads are still flooded.

So, you enjoyed your deepavali! :)

karthik said...

The pics looks great Jeevan...Glad to know that u had a great time..:)

Balaji S Rajan said...


You have made your post special by adding good photos. Keep it up. It was good to know through your post about the condition in Chennai.

Narayanan Venkitu said...


Very nice photos. Like Balaji said above, nice to know how our favorite places in chennai are today.

Thanks for your mention about Blogswara and me.

Music is always fun !

How is your health?

visithra said...

i love rain - looks beautiful - must have been nice watchching the children play at the beach

tulipspeaks said...

i like the song mela mela. good effort!

So mom and aunty prepared Athirasam, Murukku (twine) and Ottaiadai on Friday.

what is ottaiadai? :S


WA said...

Same question as Ammu, ottaiadai photo and recipe podavum :D

Barbienan said...

Lovely pics and I am sure Chennai had its quota of rain,

Jeevan said...

Adi – Yes the chennai has return to its routine, only the suburbs are flooded. Because T.Nagar area doesn’t have rain water canals, so it may take time. Diwali was very fun:)

Karthik – Thank you:)

Balaji – Thanks Friend:) I have put very little about chennai here.

Narayanan – Thank u dear. Happy to put little bit of chennai which was ur favorite places. I feel better now after visiting doctor, have little swelling in the leg, hope it will go soon. Thanks for remain:)

Visith – yes dear, Thanks:)

amutha – Its nothing, just knocking the rice flour (which used to prepare murukku) thin and shape of round and put a hole in center with our finger and drop it in the oil. (Like the ulunthu vadai, which present to Lord Anjaneya). I will try to put a photo of the Ottaiadai.

WA – I said to amutha see, I will try to put a photo of the Ottaiadai. Eearkenava, nanggala ella ottaiadaium galipanittom suppose ine sutta podurean:)

Barbienan – Thanks. This year we dint get our share of rain like other years, we expect some more.

Ponniyinselvan said...

Jeevan,wherefrom do you get these photos?really amazing.carry on.

Sandai-Kozhi said...

WOW!Jeeve.All the photos have come out very good.Nice to know about Chennai's flood conditions.Whats that ottaivadai or adai?After I have read your explanation , is that like a thattu vadai/ thattumurukku with ootai?--SKM

Jeevan said...

Ponniyinselvan - I took these photo's last Sunday. Thanks ma

Sandai Kozhi - Thanks:) U got it SK, the same think.

Jo said...

Thanks for your kind mention about BlogSwara, buddy!