Sunday, November 05, 2006

Shining shore

Took this pic last evening on the Paalavakkam beach

Searching for a shore on the east cost,
Settled on the Blue shore.
Feeling the cool breeze
Form the sea, on my face.
Inhaling the fresh air,
Silent wind, sound of waves
And the Green filled sand.

The full moon’s light,
Adding beauty to the evening.
The Moon’s light, merged
On the seas blue color.
The sea moves in a silver light

I imagine a girl with me
Holding her hands, a soothing feel!
Moon in front, our shadows on the sea,
Inlay our foot, in the wet sand.
Her hair flies in the air,
Disturbs my glance on her
The talkative girl makes me
To keep on admiring her speech
Till it dawn’s…


ghost particle said...

nanba...I share your passion. Beautifully carved words pa. May ur dreams come true.

Nirek said...

super photo.
super tamil kavithai
kalakurinka thala!

Anonymous said...

That was a good one in tamil Jeev. White colors in waves is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Awesome picture Jeevan... The kavithai in tamil was very nice :)

EarthlyTraveler said...

WOW! ivvalo azhaga kavidhai ezhudhureenga.Iam proud of you jeev.Photo is good also that thamizh kavidhai too.--SKM

Unknown said...

eppaa.. naan firstu paathappo edho google-la irundhu edutha imagenu niniachen... neengale eduthadha?? GREAT!!!

Appurom andha Tamil Kavidhai sooper! :)

monu said...

nice one jeevan

Jeevan said...

GP – Thanks nanba!!

Nirek – Thank u:)

Priya – It looks very beautiful on that day. Thanks.

KK – Thanks Friend:)

Sandai-Kozhi – Thanks so much friend:)

Karthik b.s. – Thanks u! :) It came properly after 3, 4 take.

Monu – Thanks dear:)

My days(Gops) said...

wow... nice kavidhai with photo...

Keshi said...

dun imagine a girl Jeevan, find her :)

Im bakk with lots of pics. Hugggggggz I missed u!

Jeevan said...

Gops - THank you.

Keshi - :) Welcome back dear! will check the pic.

வேதா said...

படமும் அழகு,கவிதையும் அழகு:) நீ எழுதியதா ஜீவி,சூப்பர்:)

Jeevan said...

Hum... Thanks Veda:)

smiley said...

Settled on the Blue shore

that means not palavakkam, but neelangarai :)

Anonymous said...

very very good one. The photo and the poem.