Thursday, February 08, 2007

Final judgment will give hand?

Its not month's or a year problem, it’s century’s complication. Continues of dialogue for above100 years. After going to arbitrator council, we expected for 16 years. Now finally the Judgment for the Cauvery issue has released.

Interim judgments of releasing 205 tmc in 1991 for Tamil Nadu, breaks outs a big violence’s in our friendly neighbor state Karnataka. Millions of things lose, and the lose of lives fear us its our neighboring state or an neighbor country. Compare to the interim order, the final judgment of releasing water for Tamil Nadu has reduced as 192 tmc.

Now again the problem has climbed the tree, Karnataka expressed great sin on the judgment and said the judgment of the arbitrator council was not acceptable. The farmers of the southern districts of Karnataka involving in agitate and roadblocks to oppose the judgment. Sixteen thousand advocates have conduct fighting before the governor house against the judgment. In this situation the govt has announced a case against the ruling. Now the matter goes serious, the export and import between the two states has totally restrained. Thousands of tankers and buses from Tamil Nadu where banned to enter inside Karnataka; the public were struggling what to do; vehicles convergent on the boarders creates heavy traffic jams.

All politicians in Tamil Nadu express different statements about the order. We had waited and still waiting for the permanent solution for this problem. Now the order has comes practice for us, before any other steps taken by the Karnataka to stop the order, the central government should take a good conclude for the millions of farmers who live with the hope of the Cauvery River. The politicians of Tamil Nadu should leave accusing each other’s and join hands to urge the center to bring the judgment into force as soon as possible. We are asking our rights peacefully, the water is equal for all. We couldn’t live happily by seeing our neighboring state friends in the drought, so we are not against the farmers in Karnataka. As the same time we also need the water to live, already our farmers are sin; the nature is testing them by drought and floods every year. We always tell that we are all Indian; we have consensus… really are we? When there was no consensus and peace between states (in cauvery issue) then how are we going to move friendly with our neighbor countries and their problems? We, (people of Tamil Nadu) request the Karnataka not to make the peoples problem as a political stunt. When our rights were stopped, it makes the situation worst. We need justice for our 16 years of anticipation.


priya said...

We call it democracy and wy can't rivers be nationalised.

tulipspeaks said...

i dont c why 2 states can't share water.. i mean i'm puzzled why? :S M'sia had water crisis and all i saw during that time was collaboration between states (yes.. water is state-affair) and my state which was badly hit by the crisis was helped by everyone! :S


Shiva said...

This is a proven example of how politics can make a sacred river a drainage.

Ravi said...

The problem has become highly politicised and more of a regional issue now (which worsens further). I don't think politicians would want to see a permananent solution for this because its like their trump card.

How much of this water is going to the sea? What is being done about that? And what about other water resources? Why aren't we developing or improving them? Again, lots of questions for which we would have no answers.

Anonymous said...

hmmm don't really get it..

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
I like your place, your posts.
Your writing is interesing.
I can't comment this post more, it is dificult to me with my poor English.
Keep up your great work!
Best to you!!

krystyna said...

I linked your wonderful blog.OK?

krystyna said...

I linked your wonderful blog.OK?

Jeevan said...

Priya – many political parties of the states sure will object for it I think. Some use the rivers for their politics. It’s a best idea of nationalization.

Amutha – It’s all-politics. The government thinks they may loss the votes from the farmers if they release water to us. The southern district farmers are not willing to give water to Tamil nadu, tells we are not satisfied with this water we have.

Shiva – hum… That’s true!!

Ravi – They will play politics with rivers, but non-to use it usefully. Even though if we link rivers, till the dams comes under the states hand this problem of water sharing will not end. I think the central government’s water law is week.

Thooya – ya!

Krystyna – Thank you so much dear krystyna:) it may be, because this topic is new for you! Will do it. Your recent post on grandma’s day was very sweet.