Saturday, April 07, 2007

Common Shivaji

I don’t know about others, but it’s a dream come true for me when the announcement comes that Rajinikanth, Shankar, A.R.Rahman and the AVM that was said to be the gateway for Tamil film industry were Joining for Shivaji. Now the days of the film to be release are near, here the much-waited audio of Shivaji has released on April 2nd. Shanker who is a great filmmaker always induce us for more expectation, esp. his types of songs that always a special to our eyes and ears. When it comes to ally with AR Rahman, the team rocks always, now the waves have strike powerful. It was always enjoyable to listen new albums, that too when it was Rajini+Rahman nothing to tell the speaker throbs to the beats. This time I feel, the songs have comes different, with more westerns style and little appearance of Bollywood songs.

The style style… song is clear one for appreciating Superstar’s style. The first big-time rap singer of India Blaaze who has gone through every corner by his Loosu Penna from Vallavan was joined with Chillnu Tanvi whose voice was a sauce to this song. Couldn’t know how the song would be picturesque. Sure it would be very different a rap for superstar.Is there a film without opening song for superstar? In the same unchanged voice from My name is Billa to Autokaran autokaran to now Balelakka… the SPB is here for us to satisfy with his intro for Rajini, this time in a fast track and Na. Muthukumar to praise the Superstar and recalled the old happiness that was lost now through his lyrics. This song is sure being a hit of this year from kid’s side.Rahman’s Action tops the list for his own vigorous in Athiradeekaran machan… It sounds like a big party song with glamour. The song makes us to cymbal and legs dances automatically to the rocky beats. Sayanora was so hot in her voice as well with Vaali’s lyrics, which proves he is still young. The Billa Ranga Basha thaan ivan pristal peasum beasha thaan was superb to remember his old hits.

Vaaji Vaaji Vaaji… songs starts with Jean’s adisyam tune. Rahman uses variety styles and Madhushree loot our hearts by her pleasant voice; I could sense the happiness when she sings Vaaji Vaaji Shivaji….

The Sahana… song was a very beautiful melody!! Its difficult to find what is beautiful in Sahana, its Vairamuthu’s lyrics or Chinmayee voice with Udit Narayanan’s or the music; or else may be the way shanker would be directing this song. A cool music like saral (drizzle). Another Sahara is very very soft and welfare to hearts. I never thought Vijay Yesudas would sing this excellently!! Flute sound was awesome… Gomathi Sree’s Thirupavai in the second half gives a classical format.
Boss theme is a short rap with just funny lyrics and was not that powerful.

Shanker always makes me wonder in the way of selection the places for songs and hold on the latest technology. I am very excite to see how the songs were comes out in screen.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful songs..esp sahana...i was waiting for the songs...sharing the excitement wit u jeevz

balar said...

Hi Jeevan,
Thanks for "veera" sivaji songs review..
Sahana is my favorite and next is vaaji vaaji(i like the chorus "ambel ambel novval novval":) )
"oru koodai" song beat is excellent and different..most of the time i hear this song while driving my car with high volume..:)
i am still trying to understand the full lyrics of "adhiradithan" song..if you have lyrics plz forward to me.
yep..Balelekka is another "Devuda" and sure it will rock in theatres..(padam parkka porappa whistle,cut papers voda than poganum mudincha camphors eduthuttu poganum ))

tulipspeaks said...

Couldn’t know how the song would be picturesque.

u r right here. i am thinking how the song scene gonna be ever since i heard this song for the first time.

btwn, i love Sahara.


ghost particle said...

lets wait and see the picturization.

Priya said...

Thanks for sharing jeev and I did hear these songs once. If I listen again, I will know better.

Sree's Views said...

Super starna super stardhaan Jeeva...avara screenla paathukittey paatu ketadhaan nalla irukkum :P
Appuram I hope u are doing fine...aama Dachu nalla irukka?
Ungala paatha aacharyama irukku enakku...evalo azhaga topics maathi maathi post podareenga jeeva..hmm..adhu enna secret sollunga...ennaku topic yosikaradhey kashtam :P

Jeevan said...

Thooya - Hope you are enjoying with shivaji songs. Thanks for sharing dear friend:)

Balar – Sahana and sahara are my favorite too!! Kavari Aarum kaikutthal arisium maranthu pogaum… Ballerekka ballerekka thaan spb kalakkal. Have u seen first show of superstar films?

Amuth - It’s the first time a rap song for our superstar, we have to how it comes.

GP – lets wait bro!

Priya – all songs are great. Thank u.

Sree – ungal choice eppadiyo enjoy pannunga :) Dachu is doing well. vilaiyadathinga sree, naanea eatho thondratha eluthurean, I too feel difficult to select the post topic;) Thanks your hope don’t fails.

Kavi said...

GUess it will be good to listen to. Thanks for the reviews

Marutham said...

HI jeevan ,
:) Nice post..
Oru koodai sun light ketapo romba funny'a iruku...
:P I donno if it was intended to be funny ;)
Sahaara is awesome track :)

balar said...

/*Have u seen first show of superstar films?*/
Enna jeevan ippadi oru kosten ketuteengae...:)
baasha to babha varai first show than ellamae..:)
babha mattum usa lae first show parthom..:)but i didnt see any diffrence here(avvlo whistle satham:))) )
now waiting for sivaaji release here.kalakkira matom next month..:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeevan!
I hope you are well.
Blessings to you!

Keshi said...

Jeevan I hope ur feeling better now.

Great songs...tnxx for this post!


Pari Gandhi said...

nice review jeevan. i liked the songs too