Sunday, April 22, 2007

Glance of Air Show

It was very exciting when the announcement of the Air Show in Chennai comes. Was planning to attend this show, the second one after 4 years. But to destroy my plan the arrangement news in papers said the vehicles must be stopped near Ayappan temple that was 4 or 5km away from Marina beach, and people have to walk from there. Last time they allowed vehicles to park in Marina beach, so we got a good sight of the daring show, between over half million people. That was a forgettable experience seeing different scenes of families sitting around, some having foods and kids with binocular and shouting, enjoying by seeing the horrification of the flights adventure.

Even though I can’t tell that I missed the show. I must be thanking my uncle for taking me near to the Adyar broken bridge to watch the show. Some days back only I saw some beautiful pics of the broken bridge and the evening sunsets in the backwater, but the chance got me soon. One of the top10 Air shows team in the world the Suriyakeran presented the daring show that was awesome. Drawing our Indian flag on the blue sky with releasing colorful smokes, teamed with nine flights creating the rising sun, the lovely heart symbol and the small helicopters where the attractive ones that brought a horrification daring. This year it gives little disappoint. The time and the flights involvement were decrease; I was expecting new more modern flights. From our place the parachutes were looked like small birds, these are the movements that we can see them alive. I have a wish to see the broken bridge place; it was a nice place to see little birds were flying with groups. Must give a look to this place again with camera.


Kavi said...

Air shows will show how powerful we are ! At the same time they also show how 'powerless' we are in front of mother nature and her laws.

Glad you were able to give it a glance ! I am sure there are many more to come in the future where you can get as close to the cockpit as possible

Anonymous said...

I watched this on TV and was lucky enough to spot Suriyakeran and the helicopters passing over our apartment complex.

The template looks nice :)


pria said...

Jeev: Thaz a good info' and from your writing I cud imaging how people must have enjoyed watching it. Thanks for sharing.

balar said...

Jeevs nice to hear that you have enjoyed the Air Show in chennai...:)
I do like watching and taking pics of Air shows here...It is really fun to watch..

Keshi said...



Shruti said...

phew!!! i only saw these air shows on TV..never got a chance to have a live veiw...
Take care...

Sree's Views said...

Jeevs..great write up ..
I have always wanted to see a
show...but never got a chance
its always in the TV..
but it is scary also
i am scared for the pilots
flying them.
u have portrayed the show very well.
seeyaa Jeevs :))'
Keep smiling :)

Marutham said...

Air show?!! :O
I have never seen one :(
It must have been a flying experience :D ..

starry nights said...

I think you captured a good picture, am glad you got to watch the show even if it was from a distance.I have never been to a live air show.

Mysorean said...

I missed it Jeevan! :(

But I read in the paper that they played AR Rahman's music at the end. (Oruvan oruvan mudalali from Muthu) Atleast for that I should have made it! :)

Mysorean said...

Forgot to mention: Great template! I love white space and subtle lines! Good selction!

Anonymous said...

its always good ..isnt it jeevz
i love to fly..

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeevan,
One of your role model, whom you admire, has taken zero-gravity flight. Follow link :


Jo said...

Hope you had a good time!

krystyna said...

Just wanted to say hello!
How are you?
I love your place, your new place looks very nice.
I'm coming here if I can, but sometimes day is tooo short.
Have a great, happy weekend!

Keshi said...

And where r u Jeevan?


krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
This same queston as Keshi.
Take good care!