Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Life is insecure

"South Korean student shoot blindly to death of 32 persons including a professor form Tamil Nadu, in the campus of Virginia technical university in America." This clearly shows that our lives are not secure, whatever could hold at any time. Being himself a student how could be he lost the mind and killed the priceless lives of students. It’s not new or first time; there are incidents of student open fire in classrooms, even in schools.

Not all get the chance to do studied in developed nations. Parents send their children to foreign land for their future life would be brighter and welfare. And too the student must be intelligent and be love in studies could only have these opportunities. With strength of above 26,000 students in the campus, how should be the management concentrate on the security? This didn’t seems like the killer’s mind changed to violence suddenly, he must be in anger for long times till he brought the guns. This is the biggest cruel that sudden lose of life. When it comes to some plans in our life and if it stops sudden, we have another chance, but when our life stops there is no another chance.

Those lives are not only loss for the parents; it’s lost for our world. Nothing to equalize with the life, once it goes. I pray for the loved ones to get strength to accept the lose of there dearest.


Kavi said...

Its so sad mate ! I am deeply anguished with whats happened

Shiva said...

It's so sad to see the news. May be students should be taught about human values and the true essence of life, rather than competition and inequalities. A thoughful post Jeevan

Priya said...

Jeev: It can happen anywhere in different ways. Depression was the main cause and people/ family/ friends shud give more attention these people who need their care and support.

It's not a parents mistake when children go against them right. I think, as govt' have registration for predators, they shud get more info' about people who need medical help and monitor them.

Keshi said...

This is truly a heart-felt post Jeevan. Well-done!

**Nothing to equalize with the life, once it goes

yes thats right. Nothing comes b4 LIFE.

And I was also an overseas student at one stage here in AUS. And my family sent me here with great hopes and with alot of expenses. The Uni I went to was just like V-tech with over 25,000 students from all over the world. To imagine that something as crazy as this wud have to taken my life was really sad. How wud have my family felt then? They were so far away from me.

I feel for all the victims and their families. What they have lost is irreplaceable!


Jeevan said...

Kavi – very cruel incident:(

Shiva – I agree with u shiva!! Learning the subjects is only now enough.

Priya – Parents who sends their children for other countries for there bright future, now where is the future when there is no life. This thing makes me to feel sad more.

Keshi – hum… It’s really hard to imagine that shooting his own uni students. You may feel well than others as u too were comes from the uni like V-tech. Lets keep silent for those lost life.

Anonymous said...

its a very sad event....i just cant think abt hurts