Thursday, April 12, 2007

Some Scribble

For non-Tamil dear, read the English translate of this post below.

I am asking myself!
You were not like this before
Why now only like this
Why living in grievance
Like trisha telling in ad.

I didn’t come?
Or you don’t like my visit
I am not your friend?
That day u said
Our friendship is a best one
Telling that willing to share
Today you are like without my thought

I attempt in many ways to remain
You were not to remember
A pause, if you may think me wrong
If I emphasize you directly
I have no belief
You will regard,
And give a glance to this

I aware that sweet news
Through your intimates
To know that form you
I become a differ person?
Who have receives many deceits,
This is not a new one
Even though it pains…


Keshi said...

Pain is my food. Food for the soul.


tulipspeaks said...

why so sad?

Btwn, Tamil Puttandu Vazhtukal.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeevan...I can understand your feeling but your friend could have been in such a situation, that it would have been difficult for him to communicate certain things with you..

It's better not to dissect and dig into things to find answers. We only hurt ourselves in that process..

Happy Tamil New year and you have a great year ahead.


Priya said...

Jeev: In pain sometimes we enjoy looking back those memoris. Just see as a passing clouds.

SKM said...

Ungal kavidhaiya adhu? Why so sogam Jeev? But adhai sonna vidham is very beautiful.

Jeevan said...

Thank you dears!

Anonymous said...

beautifulllllllllllllllllllllllll jeevz...i donno why..but its touching me heart...
mm i found a spelling error..if u find it i gv u a chocha ;)

Jeevan said...

Thanks thooya. i couldn't find the error... u eat that cho and tell me what's wrong?:)

Anonymous said...

its மனவருத்தம்...:) u hv written as மனவறுத்தம்....may be i am wrong..but i rememberwriting like that..check it out

Anonymous said...

mmgosh dnt u like chocha..sharing is caring..i ll gv u half