Thursday, May 10, 2007


Evening in my way on the wheels was very bright with the whole view of reddish sun and the crimson sky. Stray dogs sleeping on the roadsides and sudden attack on speeding two wheelers, but being quite and get away from my way whenever I passing them. There was this girl triple in age think being with poverty, by holding her mother’s fingers and walking with barefoot. Its distress to see it that the soft foot were scrubbing on the tar road and stamping on unknown things and worms. When many kids were roaming in the life styles (big shopping mall) to select their favorite footwear’s, here this kid without any protection to her foot.

When I was thinking about her pity stage. After leaving little feet away she turns towards me with her face full of face powder with fast move in her legs with mother. In her move, I could notice she calls her mother and tell that brother is sin. Her mom in some hurry I think, by carrying another kid in her hip, she didn’t listen to her and walked fast. I feel it what a consensus that we both thinking about each of our stage.


Shiva said...

Beautifully captured such a touching moment. Numerous are these incidents in India, but rare are the eyes / hearts that open to them. Let's wish for a balanced India

Ponniyinselvan said...

most of the times we are silent listeners and viewers.all of them cannot be is beyond our capacity.the only thing that we are able to do is to feel sad for them.

priya said...

A good observer indeed Jeev. Well

Ghost Particle said...

i dont know what to say...the predicaments of humans. There will always be a divide.

தூயா said...

you are very sharp..
jeevz let me tell u somethin...all of us r n da same boat...i ll always hold ur hands..huggies..pass my mothers day wishes to jeevan amma

Jeevan said...

Shiva – unusual thoughts can only change it!

Ponniyinselvan - Yes all can’t be helpful for them.

Priya – Thanks priya.

GP – But we all have one life is it.

Thooya – Thanks for ur wishes friend. Let hold hands to being a new society. Hugsss

krystyna said...

Jeevan, you are very young, but very talented, experienced writer.
I admire you!