Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Edge of a hot day

Heart fills with welfare
Feeling the fragrance and cool climate
In the darkest evening sky
Doubt will it pour or not

Mild sound behind the cloudiness
Sigh from citizens
Thought it comes to chill them
To set free from great sunshine day

Mind expects to pour
Will nature listen to this soul?
Like to turn as a kid
To jump and express this myself


barbi said...

heh nice pic and good verses..

will it pour?

priya said...

That was a beautiful wait for the rain showers isn't it.

Anonymous said...

good one jeevz, n guess wat ;) i hv decided 2 be nice 2 u..n send some rain ur way.. :)

Kavi said...

Good one ! Picutresque poetry !

Keshi said...

when did u become this great poet Jeevan? WOW!


Shiva said...

Nice rhyme, like the "Rain Rain go away.."

Even I'm expecting the same. Hope it pours to pacify the heat

Jeevan said...

Barbi – Thanks. It did pour that day:(

Priya – Thank u priya.

Thooya – Thanks dear. pls sent some chill rain drops:)

Kavi – Thank u

Keshi – just my expression about a cloudy evening. Thanks

Shiva – Thank u buddy:) it just fool us… wish it pours.