Friday, May 25, 2007

Out of city

The day starts with not that hot to travel out of city to the village of my mom’s aunty. After half the way with heavy traffic of heavy vehicle (this is commonly notable in IT corridor, ones Old Mahabalipuram road), first we visit the Murugar temple in Thiruporur the one I visited in last December. This time also seated near a good view at tank that has shortage in water compare to last time. It was not at all surprise that filled lake was totally dry in the 42 degree Celsius temperature this summer. Spending few minutes and tasting the pure buffalo milk… what a great drink it was after long times of drinking packed milk from shop, in mom’s aunty house we headed to joyful place, the fields.

That’s one of a pleasant place it was in our world. From the polluted and always noisy days in city, just relaxing under the clam and cool wind giving large mango tree, surrounded by green field and breeze of village is welfare. Eating Palmyra fruit, tender water by passing time with cousins, finishes the lunch under the tree with cousins, mom, and dad. But the only missing joy was, wetting the foot in the canal of the pump set water (like last summer), due to electric cut. Thanks to my power chair that makes me to move around the village, which was a small expectation for long… today it gives a big excitement that would be unforgettable. Had a free ride in the evening on the dry lake with cousin. The sun was to set behind us the place gives me a enjoy mood as the group of sheep’s arrive and buffalos bathing in small stayed waters.
Breaking the empty small shells on the lake was fun u see. The sounds from it was very different, we went near the lake water, which has big fishes. While seeing the sun, the dry lake and groups of sheep’s it took to me the Veyyilodu Vilaiyadi song from film Veyyil. Its disappoint that the electric came just before we leaving, so coulden’t enjoy in water. Village people were seeing my chair with differ, but there was a feel that day-by-day the village is losing its nature. Concrete houses, high compounds and fencing lands, which could see as concrete floors soon, gives me a thought how much days are this place looks like as it be now and when the agriculture lands loses to the industries there is nothing like development kills the nature. Mind craves to spent some more times there, but can’t as it was 6 at evening, driving on the traffic road, that too in dark is hard to dad.


pria said...

Good experience and visitng villages are always awesome with fresh memories of yesteryears.

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan.
I couldn’t find your post. But my intuition says me today - go dawn …dawn...
What a sweet post. I love village with its a real nature. But for daily living I think it is very difficult ? Wonderful photos!
And I was noticed that you can find joy even in the smallest of things... great.
"Live for yourself- live for life. Then you are truly the friend of man" - Kahlil Gibran

Have a blessing, happy weekend!

Marutham said...

Hello Jeevan,
Kalakkal post..
ANd the pictures- lovely!
Gave the feeling of having visited these places..
thanks for the drive ;)

PS: SOrry i wasn't active in blog world for a few days...Woudl be regular from now on..


Balaji S Rajan said...


Super pictures. Looks like you enjoyed the trip. Oh..dear.. I have always liked those routes especially Tiruporur and route to Mahabs. Do you still get Pana Vellam in Tiruporur. I remember my Dad used to get us when I was a child and visited Tiruporur. The picture of temple is beautiful. I could understand your worry for the villages taken over by modernisation. They are losing their charm. In England the countryside is still green and people do not like any development happening in the country side. You have said well that the developments are killing the nature. Keep up your spirits Jeevan. Happy to read your post. Probably when I visit Chennai next time you should take me to your village.

Kavi said...

Its great to see your day out in the village ! yes the village landscape is changing and thats not good at all ! But am glad you have been able to grab good glimpses of it all !

Lovely pictures

Sree's Views said...

hello Jeevs...nalla picturesaa select panni pottu irukeenga :)
Nice experience..
naan indha pakkam ellam poyee romba naal aachu...we used to go to Madurai before and anga irundhi azhagar kovil pakathula irukara thotathukku used to be good :)
Ippo ellam poradhu illai.
nice post Jeevs :)

Jeevan said...

Priya – yes as u said! Thank you:)

Krystyna – glad you could find my post and thanks to ur intuition for indicate you here:) as u said living our daily life in village is difficult, as living in metro or full facilitated cites, but we could spend our holidays there. We need more developed villages without disturbing its nature. I love every seconds that makes mind happy.
Happy weekdays dear!

Marutham – Hi buddy! Thanks a lot:) just found ur post… will check it soon.

Balaji – Thank you friend:) I doesn’t know weather they get pana vellam or not, but can get Panakelangu & Nungu (Palmyra fruit) their.
Sure we can visit the village in ur next trip, but can’t hope still how many days the fields would be alive, because many of the surround areas are been in sales. My wish is villages and agriculture must be encouraged by govt. and people, if we all give support to them… we can still see many green villages everywhere.

Kavi – I had a very nice time their dear. Many see today, not the future. I am so glad I can experience in village:)

Sree – Thank you sree:) still there are some more pic to post… I have visit Madurai once, but can’t find time to see azhagar kovi. Hope u too have good times when ur were there.

Keshi said...

wow how wonderful!

This page took a long time to load but it was well-worth the wait :)

Lovely pics Jeevan!

Jeevan said...

keshi - Thanks dear:)

Ghost Particle said...

nicenice images and experience jeevan...did u read the book?

balar said...

hey jeevan,
Enna mann vaasanaiyaa...:))
i do like visiting my granny's village..
nice to hear that you had wonderful time there..


Jeevan said...

GP – thanks bro. ya I am read that interesting book… staying in Stone Breakers near 100th page… wonder how I am reading so fast compare to last books.

Balar – Thank you friend:) hum… only villages have mann vaasanai, the cities have kuppai and dust vaasanai.

Shiva said...

That's good break for you Jeevan. Glad that you enjoyed it and hope you will get more such opportunities.

Jeevan said...

Shiva – Thanks for ur wish for me to get more joys:)