Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sunday beach

On Sunday I was been to my routine beach with family. The crowd less beach was crowded that day many was roaming with bats for correct place to start their match and already some involved in cricket. As usual our family business starts, to chat their interesting and worst movements, that was to be irritating actually when talking the same, but one-thing marketed well between us is snacks. I enjoy being with family esp. if it was to spend with my sweet aunty. It’s like an annual meet by all, but except my sister and cousin bro who was in hostel, it looks dull.

Sometimes I could watch the water bikes in the beach, jumping on the waves and speeding on the sea. They have a vehicle to take the bikes behind their car. This time too there was a fat guy was riding on the bike in the heavy waves that day. An exciting movement when he jumps against the waver in height. He has been couple of rounds carrying someone in his back, people were seeing in wonder. While playing in the waver on bike suddenly he left control and over turn to dash on the sand when waves hit the bank. Good time both were safe, but bike damaged.

It was just funny to see people started to crowd to see the water bike that was put on repaired after it over turns. Actually there was not more to help when he fall, after taking to shore all were coming from there seated place to see it. Even those on their way in road stopped their vehicle and rush to see what is happening there. Curious grannies go to see the bike, aunty and me were laughing to see people crowding more that something is seriously happening. At 7.45 in evening the vehicles were slowly moving in the long line of traffic in ECR, because of a meeting in center of the road. Sure it was to close our ears to avoid hearing the mess speech of a former state minister scolding the ruling old man and his son’s. It was 9 at night after dropping aunty and grandma at their place.


priya said...

Looks like you had an awesome weekend. When you said about snacks... its mouthwatering to say.. I miss those beach sundal... Nicely packed in paper just warm enuf to spend the day.

I donno if you still get such ones..

balar said...

Jeevan nice to hear that you had good time in beach..
water bikes in sea?? huh never tried that..but it is very fun to drive in river and lakes..

tulipspeaks said...

i love beaches!



Keshi said...

Jeevan u know how much I adore the beach. it's great u go to the beach's a place to relax n forget abt all ur troubles.

Im glad that no one got hurt in that accident.


Kavi said...

Looks like an awesome weekend mate! The water bikes indeed will be interesting to ride on !

Shruti said...

beautiful beach day..
I wish i do sometime spends my whole day just sitting at the beach and seeing the plays of waves..
Take care..

Om-Lumen said...

Still if I don't understand the language, I was deeply touched by the song about Mother you posted in your blog.

Om Shanti Om


Jeevan said...

Priya – Nowadays it’s rare to see sundal persons roaming with the vessel. Its long time for me to had sundal in beach.

Balar –I have seen those bikes only in water adventures in Sports channels before. How is ur trips going friend?:)

Amutha – I too dear:)

Keshi – that was true, watching the waves and listening to the sounds of waves beat the shore was lovable. We must happy to be near seashore!

Kavi – Thank u. I am interested to watch water bikes.

Shryti – That would be a lovely experience. I wish for u. Thanks:)

Om-lumen – Thank you!

தூயா said...

lucky boy...i hvnt seen my fav beach for months now :(