Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Default dwell

Mind concern that it’s the pollute
from this long unreleased air condition
sends me the condition of least to say,
where the dusty breeze exist
still to realize then throat strikes
to swallow on breathe
dismissing the normal tone
in turn minimizes in minutes.

the nature exists the wind in space
still breathing the chillness within walls
in breeze not reaching the peaks,
flying similarly in evening winds
hiding somewhere inward rooms
and rocks in night when we sleeps.

indolence relaxes on wanders face
any lazy guy won’t despondence in killing
even much there isn’t decease for little flies,
we scattered webs to defense ourselves
the impurity environ and slumbering sanitary
in intimate solidarity is the dawn term.


Keshi said...

Jeevan this is great but ur making me feel like a blondi boo with ur heavy writing skills. LOL!


Jeevan said...

Thank you dear!

flyingstars said...

So well written lines...this is simply are having an wonderful way with your words....very nice!

krystyna said...


Put your ads up, before the links.
Best wishes to you!