Friday, February 15, 2008

Just for fun

Your Brain's Pattern

Your mind is a creative hotbed of artistic talent.

You're always making pictures in your mind, especially when you're bored.

You are easily inspired to think colorful, interesting thoughts.

And although it may be hard to express these thoughts, it won't always be.

The first thing I got to select this Patten is children’s scribble, looking at this patten that reflects me.


MM said...

Thx for this fun activity, Jeev!!

Hope u had a blast on V Day!!
Belated wishes, my dear pal!

Ghost Particle said...

interesting test, the patterns of life.

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
I think that your mind is really a creative hotbed of artistic talent.

It is very funny, I put my "brain" at Amazing abilites blog.

On the right site (scroll dawn) is
"What your Blogging Personality".
(if you like it, look at my ..."staying young" blog)

Have a wonderful weekend!

flyingstars said...

This is a real nice one...will have to find my pattern...have a nice weekend!

Jeevan said...

MM – thanks buddy, how are u? hope u have a wonderful times too :)

GP – Thanks bro :)

Krystyna – will check that too dear, glad to know ur patten! Thanks and happy weekend for you also.

Kalyan – let us know you pattern friend. thank you.