Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Love Rain

Scroll down to read the English version of this poem, thank you.

Kadhal Mazhai_Jeevan

Rain rain, new rain
year’s first rain
from the driven clouds across miles
the achievement of fallen drops the rain.

Like deer’s leaping at forest
tender stand wind caress today,
thoughts craving for more and more
where it’s haul wander of winds, or
seasons love web.

Peafowl knows rain to come season
heart understand this is the love
wetting earth is worlds abundance
love combines is sweetness of heart.

Love to drizzles seven landmass
to turn hearts as hands to wipe moisture
with affection, attachment, friendship
for people’s peace, love is the final praise.

Wrote this verse on Sunday, just enjoying the first rain of the year and in wish, filled with words of love. Let love spreads everywhere and bring peaceful moments.

#Current congenial song from April Madhathil – Kanavukal Pookum (dreams blooming)… the joy of friendship.


priya said...

This is awesome and one of your best poem Jeevan.

The 3rd para in tamil is simply superb.

Ghost Particle said...

excellent poetry bro. it flows like the wind.

krystyna said...

Thank you Jeevan for this beautiful poem!

I wish you from deep of my heart
Happy not only Valentine's Day, but each Day!


krystyna said...

Thank you for this beautiful song.
Very funny, beautiful photos!

Kittu said...

beautiful poem !

Annie said...

When rain comes and freshens the earth, it does indeed feel like love.

Keshi said...

gawwwd Love is everywhere in Blogville today LOL!

Happy Vals Day mate HUGS!


Annie said...

It is Valentine's Day in the U.S., a day for expressing love. Your poem works beautifully on this day.

Vinesh said...

wow! touching poem!

alexander said...

Lovely. Happy Valentine's Day!

Alex's World! -

Jeevan said...

Priya – Thank u so much :)

GP – Thank you bro :) you have a good one too.

Krystyna – Thanks so much dear, I wish you too a happiness of Love.

Kittu – thank you, nice having u here.

Annie - very true annie and happy Valentines to you! yes it relates to this day :)

Keshi – we all wish it was everywhere and every time with us. Thanks dear Hugss :)

Vinesh – Thank you buddy, hope you have wonderful times :)

Alex – Thank you and same to you.

Anonymous said...

Simply Simply beautiful...lovely words & the art have crafted it wonderfully....excellent post!