Saturday, February 02, 2008

A merry disclosing meet

The pleasant noon ends with sweet memories, under the trees, surrounds with birds’ sonant, along with wagons moving. All year’s birds come across the winter and springs to keep enjoying the season and for our views in the bird sanctuaries, like it was a lady bird is visiting chennai from the island continent. It was not quite surprise, because it was a planned trip and meeting, but it surprises and enthusiastic to meet my dearest friend with two more buddies. Its goes to Viji to make communicate us and prepare for the meeting that could be feasible for all of us and especially kindly for me to move freely in wheels. Once they called for a meeting, I dint think about any thing and only the meet gets to mind, after ending the call I feel where my dad could be able to take me to the meeting point, because he has office on Friday. Keeping in mind where he said I will take you if you want to visit them, so when I replaying his words, he can’t deny and said to return half-day from office to see my friends. Later becoming into fresh, waited for dad to arrive soon and a call from friend to get ready, time comes to move in the noon traffic journey that was better for us and stable for them that ends in few minutes to get us together.

In empty mind, no clue with only her sweet voice and knowing viji’s visage, exceptionally an angel standing at my side, I don’t want to wonder as I already know there would be amiable behind the kind and sweetest girl. There we all got on a walk from our cars towards the A/C restaurant room and again returning to our parking place to make our dinner in the opened and freely space under the trees, where the rooms are filled. She was double in returning of love, kind, affection towards all of us and I feel what it was the nature brought us here showing care, love on each of us. Her sister who comes to meet was oppose to her excitement; she was quite quiet watching all of us. The both buddies Viji and Senthil are very nice and carrying persons for friendship and I really liked there friendship, and they are enjoying teasing each others. It was a pleasure joining in there fun chat and in photographing. The first thing will always remain forever; like that our first meet would always memorable. We were at drive-in for more than an hour, spending times on eating dosai in creating a circle of conversing and finishing the dishes. Who would really want to end some of us lives for our moment, sharing in there shot times journey? If there was a positive situation around sometime, it would be great for a fun period to return again. Thanks for the buddies for this get together and the warm hugs you brought for me.

The only worries me is, I couldn’t bring any greeting for her when she was presenting me with gifts, chocolates... and when they are taking picture I was lack to snap without a camera. But I would get the pics from them later, and narrating everything just leaving blank without her name is like shutting up everything. She is non than our Thooya, a bravo write and struggle fighter from Sydney.


krystyna said...

What a sweet memories!
It made me happy reading your post today.
You wrote it in your personal, wonderful, lovely style.
What a pity that you were without a camera.
I can imagine how happy and exciting that first meeting was.
You put your words here as a great painter.
And what the great friends you are!

I wish you more this kind of meetings in the future.

Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed it very much.

krystyna said...

I think that you were the best gift, so don't worry.

Thanks for links,
and link about dosai. It sounds as a very good and healthy food.

Best wishes to you and to your lovely, true friends!

revatechnic said...

nice post jeevan.... really touching...

Anonymous said...

So you had a wonderful time there...nice reading!

Keshi said...



Annie Wicking and Loman Austen said...

I enjoyed reading your posting very much. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

Best wishes,

Jeevan said...

Krystyna – Thank you so much dear, ya it was a nice pleasure meeting them.
Reva – Thank you :)

Kalyan – Thank you buddy.

Keshi – Thank you.

Annie – Thanks so much for sharing too dear :)

viji said...

hey Jeevz,
I enjoyed those moments, you wrote that in nice words :)