Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Pachyderms laid rest

They are the huge lives on the earth, which troubled the kovai villages sometimes back and was chased into forest by officials, where they visits often the villages would never going to come again in headlines. They went climbing upon the broad-gauge in Coimbatore when the rail hit them. It sadden everyone who come across the news and pictures of this bloody incident. It’s the very worst happening in recent times; even though it gives lots of trouble to people we have a soft cornet on pachyderm. Due to many reasons we lose elephants; earlier such incident happens in Assam’s elephant-bathing zone killing two elephants including a calf. Now what we want to look is a solution or a plan to find out the animal’s passage to avoid future incidents hitting by train.

The distress exists out today in tears because of this incident: Three elephants, including a pregnant mammal, were hit and killed by a speeding passenger train passing through Pakkalad railway track in Coimbatore. As the train hits, the pregnant one bearing an 18-month-old fetus crushed in the middle of the moving train, where the calf splits off under the impact, throwing the fetus on the side of the tracks. The two male elephants helping the pregnant one to cross the track were died as soon the train hits.


Keshi said...

elephants killed by moving trains? I dun get it! Thats so sad.


krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan!
Very sad.
I don't know what to say.
Hope never happen again.

May your day be blessed!

Kavi said...

I read it in the papers and i lieft a void in me...its so sad