Thursday, February 28, 2008


Look at the picture, shows a girl child was married to a dog in presence of the relatives where this takes stage in the state of Jharkhand. The superstition that turns stupid situations these days is not uncommon in India. The human-animal marriage lists some believes that links human and animals to avoid bad lucks. The world runs in technology and everything turns simpler and fearless today, still some people bind there minds in easily following customs. People and law are blind to force the rights on when every such incident light up and people only to put interest on the news and not to point out the wrong act. For our beliefs who are we to force the children who are innocent about what is happening to them and when there is ban on child marriage how could we accept human-child marriage that is not legal.

It seems cruel in the above picture where the dog and child are forcefully pulled to participate in the ceremony. Where ever the people get to find a reason for their superstition, not even left the tooth gum to consider a bad luck. read here. This indicates me of the urgency they need to set them free from the bad evil they practice. There was another incident written by one of our friend in his blog that happens in a village of Tamil Nadu’s Neyveli, where the girl children below to age of 10 were beaten by there parents in a wipe on the public, was the heights of there belief to get plenty of rain and make village productive. How many of us are there to think these incidents to sweep seriously and how many where to see this just funny and laugh at the innocent peoples? I don’t find much to take it, where these are only countable and who know as we count the numbers may increase and rumours may spreads the superstition from individual to undividable from people.


Annie said...

Ideas really are contagious, aren't they, Jeevan. And people spread them. Sometimes ideas are good and useful and sometimes harmful and destructive.

Keshi said...

OMG THIS IS A CRIME! How can this kinda thing still happen in this world??????

Im dusgusted! I feel VERY SAD.


Jeevan said...

Annie – yes they do… thanks for the comment annie.

Keshi – but whom to stop these! That’s very bad practice.

G U R U said...

Uncivilised barbarians...I don't think you can ever make these people understand about their insanely, just take a gun and shoot them all!