Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Evergreen song, sings even about dry…

This song is one of my favorite, to looking back the memories and views are left in joy. The scenes of this song displace almost the places we roamed as children and it’s always worth watching and listening to this song. After some browse, good I found this song in YouTube, hope u too enjoy listening. Check out the song in the left sidebar which as current congenial song and the translation of lyrics below, but not sure if I translate it correctly.

In the April May, lacks greenery have been drought
dislikes the state, and the world is bore and bore
it wants though… u go … is June July though…
the butterflies are flying
the green greeneries are visible
the beauty parrot in our views comes around.

The midi, maxi and saklwar kamis wearing girls
wherever it, here today itself in rubbing eyes
the standing cop in the street staring views
like garden robbery dolls she went frozen
the drive-in hotels and santhom beach are looking dull, u could see
the day water flowers invisible, tears droppers we are
will heart could bear... eyes could sleep... distress removed...

College beauties and convent girls are arriving theaters
taxi driver too to sight and to throw down meters
in morning and the evening, employs got happier
retorting girls when crossing street, there splitting the mouths
Chellamaries and Queen Maries were wind blowing gardens
appearance of women and girls the heart throws dances
our lives alone... great happy... and joy though...


priya said...

I know its a beautiful song. I think all boys and girls ( including men and women) do like to hang on like that no matter how old you become right.

tulipspeaks said...

nice song.. :)


Ponniyinselvan said...

dear jeevan,
good translation.
sweetest karthikeyan

Keshi said...



Ghost Particle said...

one of the best of IR. superb.

Jeevan said...

Priya – you are right and this is a song which shines whenever we listen :)

Ammu – Thank you :)

Ponniyinselvan – Thanks ma :)

Keshi – Thanks dear :)

GP – yes it was bro :)

Alok said...

loved it

Raghavan alias Saravanan M said...

ada jeevan.. ennada idhu engayo ketta maahdiri irukkeannu paatha.. namma april mayilea song from idhayam..

super song pa.. amrakka mudyiuma.. thulla aattam poda vaikkara song!! Ilayaraja voice.. arumai!!

super translation :) kalakkarappa..

krystyna said...

Beautiful song and I like the pics from your beautiful country too.
Thanks for sharing!