Thursday, April 03, 2008

Nothing, past and present

Seeking something when there is no path
Building something when I have no plans
Thinking something when mostly it provokes
Wishing something when I know it’s impractical
Frighten sometimes when others fearless of
Craves sometimes when there is lack of love
Divine sometimes when mind lack to accept
Depress sometimes when many thought exists
Perplex sometimes when I have no idea to proceed
Love sometimes when anything distinguish by money
Affection sometimes when selfish or ego rules
Peace sometimes when anything lack to solitude mind
Sunshine sometimes when anyone switching on lights
Wind sometimes when anyone switching on fans
Nature something when I lack to explore
Hearing something when anything is rumor then
Watching something when lack of interest around
Learning something when mood is out of location
Concern something when not fully understandable
Speaking something when no one actually listening
Reading something when anything bind with disturbance
Scribbling something when I have nothing to write. here!


vishesh said...

there is no light without darkness...

Prats said...

Kept seeing you on Keshi's blog, and then decided that I have to hop in here and read your blog. You have a lovely place here Jeevan.
Specially loved this poem you've written.

Anonymous said...

we are there for love care about hug you and kiss you...LUV YA JEEVZ :)

Sweetstickychewy said...

Hi Jeevan,

Thank you so much for visiting my blog.:)

This poem makes so much sense. Living life does seems like that at times. A challenge. Doing what you dread most but got to do it to move along.

I hope i am feeling ya poem right.;)

I cheer u on Jeevan.


Shiva said...


Those sometimes come only sometime. Not always.


Jeevan said...

Vishesh – Thank you :)

Prats – Thanks so much for your visit prats, glad to welcome you here :)

Thooya – Thanks so much dear buddy, Hugssss :) its surprise having your sms, so sweet...

Sweetstick – Thanks amy, I was nice having you here too. Take care and happy weekend for your :)

Shiva – yes it is sometimes, cheers :)

krystyna said...

I am always so happy reading your beautiful poems and posts.
Thank you, Jeevan!

Alok said...

and u wrote so much in those lines ... thought provoking

priya said...

When u say something, it happens to play in silence and let you or others know life is something to admire and live no matter how you reach it.