Monday, April 28, 2008

Special moment in Indian space

India’s PSLV C-9 successfully launched with 10 satellites for the first time worldly. Information technology, television programming and for some more India is launching satellites from Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota. It’s the 13th time PSLV rocket is bearing over the satellites heavier than before which itself weighed 230 tons and heights of 12-storey building. Like all, I was expecting and looking this to be successfully put on its path. This is India’s one of an important launch with a satellite weighting 690kg highly agile Cartosat-2A, bearing an Panchromatic camera to cover maximum 10 km surrounds in black and white; and it is an advanced remote sensing satellite which is capable of providing scene specific spot in images. With this our country would be inspecting the service of interior structural roads and for investigation work.

Except from the 8 other nation’s nano-satellites which weighted totally 50kg, India’s Indian Mini Satellite-1 the 83kg is also on the PSLV with Multispectral and Hypersepctal camera for remote sensing. Worldly there is no nation to sent 10 satellites at a time, where it’s a record braking of Russian and European rockets bearing maximum of 8 to 7 satellites. The PSLV rocket that was launched at morning released the satellites in continuation of 45 to 100 seconds from very first of Cartosat-2A on its path to start operation at 635km from earth. Apart form the 10 satellites; it’s the power of PSLV developed by Indian scientist to be appreciated for this grand success where doubling from the 4 satellites to 10 with nation own technology.

More on the launch


Alok said...

I dunno how i missed this ... thnx for keeping me updated


vishesh said...

we(india) rock!

Ghost Particle said...

amazing feat, admirable. I wished the world would look at India and learn a thing or two about commitment to the people and country.

10 satellites from a homegrown launch vehicle is no easy feat.

Nanosatelites are close to my heart...wished I am back in the faculty doing more of that...but things changed.

Thx Jeevan

Keshi said...

good on ya Indians!