Saturday, May 03, 2008

Come listen to me before u go

Dhasavathaaram, the newly released album of Kamal Hassan is the only rocking music currently in mind. The audio was released on April 25 with a grand and special occasion by presence of Indian Superstars of Film Industry and Hollywood star Jacky Chain. The album which holds five songs and a re-mix of the own song are varies to each other and the very first time I am listening to this new music director to Tamil from across Asia Himesh Reshammiya. I rarely buy original CDs from shop if I feel something going to be best about the album, this time I wasn’t expected dhasavathaaram’s release, but the strong support of big people of Film industry for its release and the ones reading of Vairamutu’s lyrics to the songs made to know how the combine works. It gives enthusiastic and most pleasing is the voice of singers and lyrics. Here go the songs:

Ulaga Nayaganea... the first thing about this song is the catchy lyrics of Vairamuthu in praising Kamal Hassan and the attractive beats. ‘Come dance with me before u go,’ the dawn gives something fantastical feel through mind and the enjoyable in flow of rhyme lyrics. One needs a good music system to enjoy the quality. It was an excellent song for a dance sequence and in Vinith’s energetic voice it well rocks.

Kallai Mattum Kandal... The Oooooommmmm namo narayana.... welcomes with Hariharan's deep breathtaking vocal. The line "Kallai Mattu Kandal Kadavul Thariyathu, Kadavul mattum kandal kalladi thariyathu," I see it tell like, if you see only idol there u can’t see divine and if you see only divine you can’t feel the pelt. One thing is it has something strong behind as listening so it gives a feel the bravery. It is a song describing some struggle happening as historical event back in empires period with devotional touch. Sure a grand picturesque must be in video?

Oh...Ho...Sanam... A song will poll honey in your ears, a song will poll tears in your eyes, and let body goes to earth and music rules the earth. It begins like this, and the simply beautiful lines continues about song and universe. Kamal himself singed in his own style the best in his voice ever? I feel so, but the tune only remains some song without a clue. It is a happy stage performance song and nice instrument sounds.

Mukundha Mukundha... is my favorite one in the album. How I like this song much really wonders me and to checkout it was singed by Sadhana Sargam. I adore her voice for the feel of soothing always and in this song she singed very beautiful. The music is scored in traditional way and to imaginative Asin is perfect for this song and seems like she describes Krishna, and kamal in filling her mind. To finishing with a very old women sings few lines makes this specific in Kamal’s vocal?!! Good.

Kaa Karuppanukkum... White Vellaiyairukkum... it’s a hot number singed by pop Shalini Singh. The music drives away too fast to catch what she really sings, but if you slowly follow the lines those are chilled. The lyrics are very young written by Vairamuthu and few lines are very sweet and fun. The last few lines goes like September 11thandru twin tower sainthathu en tower saivathillai; Iravathu vayathukkul aruvathu string’avungal honey…. Cool!

Oh... Ho...Sanam... it’s a remix of the same song in voice of Himesh Reshammiya and Mahalakshi Iyer with more modern style and it was nice where no English is mixed. Not bad, but neat finishing.


vishesh said... it available online anywhere?

vishesh said...

thanks jeevan for the link...i have downloaded the the songs...especially kallai mathum mandal...such profound lyrics...and well thats why i never believe in idol worship...there is hardship when you worship.....but when you see beyond there is only what we strive for..btw did u see arai yen 305il kadavul??

Alok said...

loved reading ur review .. though again perhaps I will never listen to the songs though :)


monsoon-dreams said...

i've seen the snaps of the audio release in net.kamal is a genius.lemme hear the songs now.wish there was translation available since i know vairamuthu is a very good lyricist.

Resonator said...

Hi Jeevan;

ur blog is nice..

ya my fav. songs in dhasavathaaram are kallai mattum n mukundha..its nice na..

happy blogging

Resonator said...

happy to know that u too like APJ Kalam Books..his words has become power boaster to youths...Hail APJ

happy blogging

Raghavan alias Saravanan M said...


ennamo oru interest a varala.. to be frank! sari. i always pick the songs based on the singers and of course lyricist (which is my topmost priority).. but i could not get that information always in the internet, go with singers.

out of which, mukunhda is good one.. and hariharan's is also okay.. only these two i have -- not yet! :(

good work :) if interested, you can check my blog for tamil song l yrics at

R2K said...

: )

Ash said...


MARIA said...

Greetings to you!

Keshi said...

ty for this Jeevan!

**Sadhana Sargam

I saw her LIVE in Sydney last year :)


krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan,
thanks for your beautiful review. I love your posts and I'm going to visiting you during my absence.
Maybe not regularly.
Thank you for your nice, supporting visit. You are one of my best friend.
I am grateful for your presence, wisdom and being my friend.

Have a blessing, wonderful time!

Meghna said...

Hello Jeevan,

I suppsoe I did hear a song or two but now I think I should her them all!

priya said...

A good eview ther Jeevan. Hopefully I can see here when it comes.

Ponniyinselvan said...

dear jeevan,
glad that u enjoy the songs.

sweetest karthikeyan

Jeevan said...

Vishesh – hope u are enjoying the songs, and I agree upon your comment. I believe there is some meaning and a good laugh for us in 305il kadavul, but I wish to watch this film soon :) have u watched it?

Alok – Thanks bro, to put ur time here for reading :)

Monsoon-dreams – I think the audio is also released in Hindi and Telugu, if u knows these languages u can listen and I wish you listen the songs.

Resonator – Thanks so much prema, it was nice to welcome u here :) I feel this song is pulling music in end is annoying other than it was good. We should be proud to have Kalam in our lifetime what u tell? Happy blogging.

Raghavan – many times more than internet we could get know from magazines and Tamil newspapers they give more importance to cinema and music. Your can check the for the dhasavathaaram songs. Thanks, ya let me check the link.

R2k - :)

Ash – thanks :)

Maria – Thank you grandma :)

Keshi – she have sweetness in her voice that simple lovely. Thanks.

Krystyna – I am so much glad to get your message and I will be looking for you here and their dear. I am thankful for being you dear friend krish and ur always sweet. Take care, have a wonderful time and be considering our request for blogging. Hugsss.

Meghna – go ahead and u will get interest in music and enjoy. Hope ur have a pleasant moments :)

Priya – I am too looking forward for its release, Thank you.

Ponniyinselvan – Thank you ma :)

aravind said...

simply superb

aravind said...

simply superb:)

ViJaY said...

ya jeevan... The songs absolutely rock!!! And I hope the movie lives upto the hype that it has created... And btw, Welcome back to my blog... :)

P.S. If possible, write music review on Kuruvi.. I am sure, it will be too difficult for u.. Cos, its justa piece of crap...

Shiva said...

Always buy it on the first day, it it's Kamal.

Mukhundha and O Namo are my favs

Anonymous said...

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