Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sparrow is not to fly

Sparrow is a commonly seen small bird everywhere, looking in brown-gray colors and with a tiny beak. It feels beautiful watching them and the grains they pierce to eat with their beak. I could view them back from my balcony they sitting here and there on the passing cable wires, opposite trees in some home garden; in morning and evenings they sonance to fly, come and sit on the balcony wall to eat the bits of rice kept from home. It’s nearly two three years I rarely see this bird, but these days they are hardly visible in cities particularly in Chennai. I think the single most houses are turning apartments these days and the green trees are lost for human comfort and construction which make lose these Sparrows. Those are pleasant days, but today in the name of sparrow what is released is totally conflict.

Yesterday went to watch the Sparrow spending some money, even though warned by some it is flying high don’t try to catch, but I did and fell down. If you don’t get the point, Sparrow is the title of a Tamil film naming Kuruvi staring Vijay and Trisha. After the day long heavy sunshine, the clouds formed in evening turns the atmosphere pleasure even it was thermal, but surly doubtless it won’t pore where we ahead is drive-in theater. About the film: It is said to be a fast-track entertainment, but what I felt is senseless ventilation. The story and screenplay is mainly developed to show Vijay’s heroism and for a commercial purpose, so every thing is magic making people foolish and nothing seems logic. The action sequences are throughout eyewash, some are remaining Krish and through the beginning car race is just like watching video games and the climax scenes recalls Telugu films.

The music is Vidhyasar? One could really get a record dance effect and in fast-braking dance by Vijay. Trisha comes as usual like a cute doll in cool sleeveless and skirts and tries to do some comedy, is funny. Vivek’s comedy is boring like the taste comes after eating more cake. Appearance of Malavika for few minutes in the car race scene would cheer cheerleaders where the sport is only different. Vijay did a bravo acting in actions and tries to show a superman statue to his fans and what he did is extraordinary to accept and he should realize that people are not fools to clap and whistle whatever he do. Director Dharani can’t overcome his older films and this is nothing to do with my favorite Gilly under his banner which wants me to look.

And to see the plus thing is the camera, which bends and turns to whatever the director tries to capture. In V.T. Vijayan’s editing and Gopinath’s camera visualizes clearly strikes and the skies, islands and some places of Malaysia and New Zealand sights good. The film covers allover some early subjects and adds to give a new feel, buts fails to fly freshly.


vishesh said...

lol am not a fan of vijay...but gilly was nice...i doubt i will see this one though...

priya said...

I am not a big fan of him tho' and most of his films are remakes of telugu films.

I did read a preview somewhere and theys aid its horrible. Better not to waste money.

Alok said...



Raghavan alias Saravanan M said...

haha.. :) so many funny emails are getting flooded wrt this film! I just thought there should not be this massive attack against a single person, though i laughed out louder on the jokes!

I liked the very first para where you described about the real sparrows :)

Good review though! :)

Cinderella. said...

**Trisha comes as usual like a cute doll in cool sleeveless and skirts and tries to do some comedy, is funny. Vivek’s comedy is boring like the taste comes after eating more cake.**

This totally cracked me up jeevan. I cant stop laughing after this...hahaha !!!!

And tell you what my 2 years stint in B'lore has made me fall in love with South Indian songs...

My latest fave song is "nuvvu nuvvu"...and movie is bomarilu'...

Awesome !!

Keshi said...

gotta see this!


Jeevan said...

Vishesh – Gilly is superb :)

Priya – very right, it burns money for no cost.

Alok - :)

Raghavan – I was total disappoint and nothing expects exist. Thanks buddy, have a nice weekend :)

Cinderella - glad u have been laughing :) in south India I know only more Tamil films that other languages.

Keshi - :) for your choise.

Annie Wicking and Loman Austen said...

I can't really say much about the film you talk about, but your bit about the bird 'the sparrow' is strange to know such a common little bird isn't so common here too. Once the little bird was seen every where but now we are lucky if we see one or two.

Best wishes

Ghost Particle said...

vijay sucks. booooooooooo! time go c proper movies bro. :D

Shiva said...

I thought, the team will again give a big hit. Turned out to be a flop?

Thanks GoD! I didnt watch it