Monday, May 12, 2008

The Water Horse

Weekend I watched this wonderful film, which is really beautifully. I and cousins were enjoying from the beginning till end. The Water Horse comes from an egg found by Angus (little hero) from the shore under water. Secretly he grows the strange creature inside his home in store room keeping away from his mom and to help Angus comes Lewis a secretly appointed person to watch Angus‘s hidden thing by her mom. After going through the friendly relation between Angus and Crusoe (The Water Horse), Lewis agreed to help Angus for his strange friend to keep with him. In a change Crusoe grown into large overnight, that sent them to leave it into the lake. That time the Army arrives for exercise yet to happen on the banks of lake where that becomes a caution and obstacle for Crusoe’s life. Angus really disturbed by this process and he tries to save Crusoe which ends in peaceful as well beautiful.

What I liked more in The Water Horse is the pleasant scenic space that tales fairyland. The Scottish lake is an unexplained beauty with serene Blue Mountains, clouds here and there, the stoned shore… the very thing is nothing gives the violence feel and the horse with dinosaurs large hangs for friendly swing with the boy is peaceful. Whatever the small Crusoe does is fun and lovable; the scene inside the bath tub and dog chasing is a god pieces. This film is just not only for the fantasy loving children, for all age people this gives a love to heart the case what this Crusoe is indifferent. It’s an imaginative film which gives a realism feel. Any more to tell the boy acted as Angus is cute and his eyes speak is affection. The music is mild and the moment moves with the cameras extraordinary picturesque. When to seek for the minus thing about the film, is none comes to mind where everything covers beautiful.


vishesh said...

ha,should find the cd :)

Alok said...

Good Review :))


Alok said...

Good Review :))


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Thanks for sharing Jeevan.

Resonator said...

i havent seen this movie ...i wd like to watch after tis review:)

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Nice to know about this movie,sounds sweet!

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u write Reviews really well Jeevan!


Raghavan alias Saravanan M said...

Thats a great job! sounds interesting.. let me try watching it.

Thanks for the review JeevZ!

Satish Bolla said...

heard abt this movie. but never cared to watch it. but ur post increased my interest. will watch it in the weekend.