Saturday, November 01, 2008

Garden of lights & water

Bringing beside the uncertainty, decided to visit the Brindavan Garden after cuppa evening at relative place in mysory when holidaying summer. It’s a place never get away from memories, the distance and stress coved then a more decade back and it was more interest and hesitate to visit the garden again. We follow a guide arranged to take us to Krishna raja sagar or KRS shortly known, and it was blowing when reaching time by the way up and down route. The sun was ending in yellow sky, the difference was and memories ease looking our mid way entry in huge parking space. The chillness in wind blows, from distance the fountain in mid water bend towards wind as I felt the only pleasure going to give up to pathway, but assure comes the landing surface leaving me to enjoy the light and water.

Thus the dusk incomplete that make visible the garden clearly, remembering the conflict rollover the steps and paths come across the garden, I thanked personally the developments helped. Its troublesome those visited past and fear cleared now of walking long distance and horror sound of channels open. It’s up to those wish to cover the large portion of the garden, but for someone who really enjoy every bit is happier with about lights and water. The wonder is I made till this! The water splashes in fountain and wind to drizzle is such pleasure along to share with loved ones and little guest children. At some moment its special being there and go throw the stress carried to watch the musical fountain to walk out hardly gratification.

The freely moving space instantly covers by people soon the darkness enters, flashes thrown everywhere by still cameras and unstable poses before light water splashes. Its greener around and water flow fully and surprise is the dazzling water lights. By chance my power wheels move easily on gardens and fountains in brief, but it really felt why not been so earlier to spend more times on garden. In hesitate and uncertain facilities there are much to miss deed, but to see little infrastructure is increasing at varies sites are unaware to people with unable which I realize thought this.


starry nights said...

Happy Diwali Jeevan.loved all the pictures of Brindavan gardens,I am from Bangalore so have visited mysore often,but have not been there in a long time.I will certainly make a trip there on my next visit.

Jeeves said...

Nice pics:)

vishesh said...

i have been there too :) its lovely :)

Dawn....सेहर said...

WOW! I remembered my days in there 2005 was the year :)
Amazing pics dear

tulipspeaks said...

the fountains are beautiful!


Lakshmi said...

very pretty...we go to mysore very often, even today we went up to Maddur...but should go to the Gardens soon..been a while actually

Keshi said...

I so wanna go there some day! LOVELY pics. hv heard alot abt these Gardens.


Priya said...

Very nice pics and beautiful garden.

krystyna said...

I enjoyed your today's amazing post.
The Light and Water... the best view.

Have a good and happy day...
my constant wishes for you!

Jeevan said...

Starry – Thank you dear, it was more colorful diwali. I want to spent more time in garden if I get a chance next.

Jeeves – Thank you :)

Vishesh – of course :)

Dawn – Thank you, that must be fantastic then :)

Ammu – Thank you.

Lakshmi – it’s different than garden the facilities around… I know u visit more places on Karnataka often. Thanks buddy.

Keshi – I wish u must visit some day dear, Thanks :)

Priya – Thank you!

Krystyna – Thanks so much dear friend. Glad you enjoy!

Anonymous said...

nice pics jeevz..