Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Weekend travel

Date: 22.11.08
My Grandpa's home

Traveling is good, and when its drizzling is wonderful. My therapist call to say he would be coming morning and we had a plan of traveling outskirt, so told him let he make it earlier thus there won’t be delay in our traveling and get home at least by late evening. In-between mom calls her aunt in chengalpattu (a town 50km away from Chennai) that we are coming to lunch. Somehow they got some destination and I get to travel, out in pleasant drizzling. Any how he dint came at all until 11.30, so we droved! Usually I go with cousin, mom and dad in the maruti 800, as it feasible alone, but after getting a SUV in pursuit, it was wish to go out with our grandparent and cousins in the vehicle of enough spaces. We took the OMR, which is facelift to sufficient smooth drive; digest to the rough drive we experience in past. When going with family they usually want to visit temples on our way, so they stopped at the tiruporur murugan temple. It was untimed to gate closed and moved getting few snaps of the temple tank. Its something always filled with water, and unconditionally every year we come across this temple.

I love riding on the stretch between thiruporur and chengalpattu, known locally as thiruporur kootroad (combined road), is well mix of forest, villages and fields, to much greener remain near Chennai. Last time I was get to capture more monkeys on the way, but due to drizzle and rain they are invisible that day. It was something we could provide to our grandfather is taking him to his old home. The village we come across was my grandpa’s native, and it was such opportunity for us taking him there and it was anything he could exist to remember and to meet his neighbors. It was the picture at top was his home, which wasn’t maintained properly and yet to destruction. I remember climbing on the window bar, sitting on the gate way and seeing more old pots been arranged inside the rooms and large backyard. Ones we followed our grandpa into the village through single foot path which leads to grass floors and cross a pond of feet water to get some plants from field. It was the time I could wander on my own, and grandpa was more active and aunt was unmarred its fun get to village and rarely we come to this home, most often we visit grandpa’s sister home.
Perungudi Toll Plaza
The newly built toll plaza in Perungudi is yet to activate soon

From there came to grandpa’s traditional deity temple on the way, and it was empty as usually. The paddies around the temple are tender to grow and evergreen in color. Along the way there was fields and cattle to come across and it was dad’s first attempt on a SUV - Scorpio, so this travel helps him getting comfort drive on this not busy road to practice more. It was by 3.pm we having lunch at grandma’s home – as she was my mom’s aunt and retired teacher, who could remember her retirement post here. There were many changes, and to my favorite place of then vacations is always in my memories and more residents where exist and bright colored homes to charm this recently. They live in suburb of the town and it’s the spaces and freeness as kids we rejoice come here and also playing with cousins. Some more on the travel will continue as part of another post.


Priya said...

Something very beautiful about this old house and you shot it neat.

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Looks like you had a lovely time.Liked the first pic,the old house has a charm of its own :)

krystyna said...

I love to read your traveling story with recalled childhood.
And I have a sentiment to this kind of old house.
Beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing!

Take care, dear Jeevan
and have a nice day!

Dawn....सेहर said...

WOW! that's an interesting travelog dear :)
and the toll plaza resembles like the one in US :)
Enjoy and Happy Thanks Giving to you and your family

Jeeves said...

Like the first pic

vishesh said...

pics aren't loading...

oh you took the OMR? The road is alright?have they finished the full stretch?

Ramyah said...

I love the first picture. And reading your post i feel like i travelled with u :p
thanks for sharing

kalai said...

Jeevan, pls check my blog buddy...

Ghost Particle said...

now i miss chennai more brother :)

lovely trip, and nice writeup. your depth and feeling is as excellent as ever.

Jeevan said...

Priya – I think it’s the rain that makes this wonder. Thank you.

Sameera – Thanks dear. Of course, going out with family is complete pleasure and along with my grandparent is alike more :)

Krystyna – even we lose the old homes, it always remains in memories. Thanks so much dear, and glad u liked it. Take care, enjoy the vacation :)

Dawn – nice these people could done something better to this IT corridor now, and great to know it was alike one in US :) happy thanksgiving to you too dear

Jeeves – Thank you

Vishesh – if can’t see the pictures, u try my photo link on the head of my blog. Yes the omr is well build now, except beside developments.

Ramyah – Thank you and glad to know u liked my traveling :)

Kalai – all my very best wishes to you happy marriage life buddy :)

GP – bro we are getting the maximum rainfall right now of the nisha cyclone in Bay of Bengal. Thanks so much :)

Lakshmi said...

liked the way you fused the travel and your thoughts..beautiful images

Lakshmi said...

liked the way you fused the travel and your thoughts..beautiful images