Tuesday, November 18, 2008

With admiring ghost

No he won’t frighten, he is a loving person and indeed my brother ghost particle. As my wish he glow my desire with his presence which is nothing more what we shared. He is a dear in the world of uncertain could I able to meet in person and so glad I was in his way of must visit. Advancing his days to back pack to home I wonder could I miss him, but oh nice, my brother not let me feel more and how well we understood get this opportunity exist. There is no difference in his communication and unfeeling of talking first time so far in our friendship, as we have been conversing for years. We have so many thoughts to share and agree with reason; mostly we spoke about blogging community and wonder what turns our old friends untouched with blogs and remain silent readers known or unknown. We both totally have sympathy on how well could it be having our old mates again to get back the interest and fun in blogging, that not mean we have only boredom today!

Was thinking what to place as recording our meeting and could there be anything like the collection of moments registered in our mind and capturing in picture? And whenever see the picture it recollection the moments. In the short time of planning its more excite u know, looking forward to the best in the lifetime meeting our very close friend, not only for who support when in pain and pleasure when we are happy. This ghost is very simple and kind being towards anyone come across and I am such get favor to have him near in my home today. Am I getting over? Nope, I think am typing from my heart!

Where the world leads is bright, in hope there is light at the end of the tunnel. Bro don’t we see the light when we talk about life in certain and everyone have much problem to deal, even though to live looking those beneath. The awareness on which is important and in short unknown term to falling friendly neighboring, so much we miss in this significant lives. The neighbors are the ones who could quickly attend our lives and much these days it reduces to live in strange surround particularly on flat system. Ok let me stop here before post take indirection than the things to express. I hopefully think this meeting will ever last in our memories and it’s the need that brought us together, so let disappear the thanks when we feel similar. Hope my enthusiasm never disturbs to miss the opportunity and so happy to see our dreams become true bro! :)


ghost particle said...

//looking forward to the best in the lifetime meeting our very close friend//

it is indeed the best of times bro, the pleasure is all mine. hope i can return many times more and my thanks to mom and sis for making me feel home. i will miss you alot, but we will continue this journey :) there will never be sadness when we live the moments, the present moments.

take care and hugs brother.

Vishesh said...

ha all Indians are my brothers and sisters :) wish i can meet a few of blogging friends,including you Jeevan,we live in the same city :)

Kavi said...

This is fantastic ! Wishing a great deal of fortune and happiness to both of you !

Annie Wicking said...

There is always something wonderful and interesting happening here when I visit you, my dear friend. And again you have not let me down.

I enjoyed reading this so much ;-)

best wishes,


Jeeves said...

Very nice that you could meet your blog friends

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Very interesting read Jeevan. This must have been something you were looking forward to!

Ramyah said...

Hey Jeevam. It's a wonderful post. All the very best.

krystyna said...

Hi Jeevan,
it is a wonderful news!
What a lovely and beautiful meeting!
Thank you for sharing and for this photo. You are happy having such a great friend. Its not often happen.

I wish you both the best!

Kai said...

cool blog thanks 4 stopping by

ghost particle said...

bro, ive tagged u. come do it :P

Miladysa said...

Lovely post Jeevan.

I am really pleased that you two were able to meet in person.

Great photograph too :D

Cinderella said...

This is so touching. I am speechless Jeevan.

Hope I feel is the conclusion for everything thats happening in world n our little fragile hearts. Hope. The word that answers it all, no matter how dark the times are, now matter the light is in that tunnel but the fact that we see there is one light is reason enough to make us walk the walk n drag ourselves there.

I am very very happy you both got to meet each other. The two beautiful human beings who have made this journey called blogging worth the every word.


Cinderella said...

And oh lovely photo !

Did you guys decide on wearing the same shirts ?!

starry said...

Lovely and heartwarmng post.Isnt it nice to see your blogging friend in person.

The Seeker said...

Hello Jeevan. I don't comment often.. just read your posts... I read the story in GHost particle.....

Very touching post. Its quite true but a wonder that I met the most wonderful persons thru blogs...

Jeevan said...

GP – The world has everything, but we have to see to get visible. Like how we see our meeting is best and we are more pleasures receiving you to give the home feel, when ur away. Thank you, the moments will ever last and let we have some more empty space to fulfill in future :).
Sure I do ur tag soon bro.

Vishesh – its possible to meet you too vishesh, ones we decides none can stop us :) sure one day u could meet.

Kavi – Thanks so much buddy, bro worries more he can’t meet you this time. Hope and wish you both meet sometimes soon.

Annie – glad to know dear friend, and it’s the happening who can’t stop. Thank you for supporting by :)

Jeeves – Thank you friend :)

Rakesh – yes, its long time wish and must wanted to meet him in real which happen now. I am so happy to meet him on that day. and to share with u all here.

Ramyah – Thank you and to spent ur time reading :)

Krystyna – Thanks so much for sharing with us dear, I totally agree with you! Best wishes to u too.

Kai C. – Thanks for dropping here :) ur pleased to welcome.

Miladysa – oh, thank u so much being here to share with us. we both pleased too alike u :)

Chinderella – how truly said dear, hope is the only to look into bright and today we get light to fall on our friendship. I am so glad we meet him at different situation, but we share the common place, blogging and we people are pleased to share happiness. Thank you. its coincident we both choose to white, may be our hearts thought so hehe…. :)

Starry nights - Thank you! Of course and more than it’s my pleasure meeting him on that day.

The seeker – Thank you Bharath, I could understand. The people I find through blogs teaches me life lesson and gives courage, in this u aren’t exception.

Balaji S Rajan said...


It was nice of GP to have met you. He lives in Singapore isn't it? I am a regular reader of his blog and he also used to regularly read my posts. It is so nice to hear that he took all his time to visit you. I know you would have been very happy to meet him. You have received him with the same warmth. You are a special person Jeevan. I admire your capabilities. Even blogger friends in UK, when we meet, we used to talk about you. You are a great character. May I wish a long and happy health for you. After reading the post I remembered my visit to your house. You have changed a lot within these years. You are losing that boyish look and turning into a Man.

Jeevan said...

Balaji - Yes, I have grown much from those times and was comfort myself meeting friends, because of the courage u all give me in blogging. I could easily remember what happens at our meeting, and I was so shy to talk and expressive, but today I feel the change in me. I understood my situation better now and the courage don’t let me down and there is no need to feel shy about my inability I realized. Truly I must thank u and other friend who met me in past makes easier to go with meeting friends; at end I certainly get familiar with them.

GP (Sivanesan) is from Malaysia. I am glad to receive him at home and as we known each other more in these years get me very easily to converse with him familiarly. Dear that was really nice to know u were still talking about me and sure it give people the portrait of our lives, Thanks so much for your wishes. Oh! no I want to be a smarter boy than being a man hehe… I wish u too the happiness all your lives :)

Priya said...

Good for you Jeevan and meeting someone from the blog world is beautiful thing.

Sameera Ansari said...

That's great you both got to meet :)

Hope you have many more such good times together!