Friday, December 12, 2008

Feeling motion


It was something like back to future. I hardly missing those wonderful feeling and it was such pleasant after years. This post is a continuation of last post on travel. When decide to go around Mamallapuram, it was sis idea to go to shore and she knows how much I like seashores that too visible waves near. It was years I remember standing near the sea water and running to waves chasing, but in these years it seems a merry distance. It was a quite shore we visited Tuesday and must thank rain for drenching sand to make advance our Scorpio through this off-road beside GRT Temple Bay to reach nearby waves. I feel how minds changed from the disaster tsunami in 2004 and there is little scare about the sea and rising waves, even though wish extends my scarcity, thus I could not fill those little foot distance. It could be a wonderful experience, if hesitation doesn’t stop my desire to go ahead splashing the waves on wheels. Sometimes it may think foolish, but my dream is unique and there is no requiring of everyone similarity.

The spontaneous wave’s one upon another, foaming improperly caress the feet drench to sense the pressure of tugging. I have experienced very little in past and those moments are only existing throughout to remain forever in the inevitable life. The nature has created much and seas are one best to wonder through its occult suspense. After the strange tsunami it becomes an uncontrollable evident, got changed in its nature to threaten people. Getting out of sort, we come across a colony-village within town. It was not the one in natures path – country streets, and very little available of tiles and palm leaf house. I think when world is changing into development of modern concrete structures why I feel for those old and symbols to poverty.
There was a sudden odor in the breeze took away to the awesome feel, back to our days in village. When in winter or cold evening the people use to burn fire woods to cook and make smoke around to feel comfort and warmth. Villages being wet around, after sunset there could sense a cold and snowier chillness in atmosphere, when it combines with the smoke it gives pleasant. When I felt it suddenly that day, there it mesmerizes! I share with my sister how faint it was getting after long time to this sensation. The children playing beside and around the streets, rolling tires, along sharing space the hens and goats. This town of mamallapuram remains identical to my views, except much constructions and spreading of underground sewage system, even some suburbs not. The open canals and mosquitoes have been control by, and tourism gives way too many businesses and tradition own of carving sculptures is falling least by extend. The passenger buses through this stretch have been facilitated to international standard and privatization of the ECR makes people easily available.

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Priya said...

You pictures make me think I want summer here. Its always fun to wash shores and waves are something like shells talking in its own tone.

Nice pictures.

krystyna said...

All your pics are special!
Thank you for sharing your trip in such a wonderful words.
I like seashore too... and there is a power of nature.
Peaceful or dangerous.

Jeeves said...

You make Chennai look so beautiful. Thanks for the pictures

starry nights said...

Jeevan your pictures make me homesick.I love the sea and these pictures are so inviting.hanks for sharing.

tulipspeaks said...

the paddy field looks so refreshing!


Lakshmi said...

I missed the sea when I visited chennai last week and your photographs are making me come back again to the city..liked the way you let your thoughts flow... thanks for this post

Keshi said...

can I come with u on ur trips next time Jeevan? :)

lovely pics wow!


Jeevan said...

Priya – it same winter here, but can’t imagine that much u experience. Thank you

Krystyna – Thanks so much dear, glad to share with you too :)

Jeeves – no buddy it’s not Chennai, mamallapuram!

Starry – hope u feel better dear. Thanks :)

Ammu – Thank you.

Lakshmi – Thanks, wish you go on ECR next time.

Keshi – that would be fantastic then keshi! U come ya, let we go :)