Friday, December 19, 2008

Money matter

I never planned what I do then, but thought someday it may exist from mind. I didn’t wonder, because I know the bud one day will bloom into flower, but what seems is will it fragrance or not. Certainly it’s unpleasant to me, because the matter is of money. Though I am unemployed so does money seems idle to me, where it comes through is not from my hard work or brilliance. I think is there no life without money? And more than any relationship does money distributes the silence and peace? I felt am nothing in the world, what I do survive seems dump, but there is only hope and evidence my parents. And much glad even more than anyone there are friends whom truly care and love for what us. I learn what friendship means from my dad and his friends, apart from the values they support certainly foremost. I see much evidence in past what glimpse that money is nothing a matter at all when it comes to caress. I strongly believe there is no powerful than human and nature. Everything got a price in this world and even we move beyond for that to simply missing the most.

I no need search for an example, the person in my mind at every motion of our lives he exists. Where money is nothing a matter he proved and his conclusion is the proof. My uncle Shyam is the only person behind our comfort, wealth and peace. Without him we are unsettled, his ability is reasonable the world forgets sooner his depart. I see all starts don’t shine brighter, not that they aren’t special, because they are away and inability to glow, like human in understanding. Basically when we understand the need, money is nothing a matter. Money is a path to move, where we see and experience is vivid glow. I could easily think without any intention in the world, not planning tomorrow, and the only thing to misery is who carry me without values. When thinking about value, money come first sending human behind. Even a talented is dismissed by money and a feel comes does everything leads to money. Money is a source of life, but we can’t eat them right; since we rule with money and what we earn is nothing belong to us when it comes to human, the only souls remain forever. There is no intension or distraction behind this post, but something gets me flow.

I find this post interesting on kolam.


Lakshmi said...

Money is important as it can give you a sense of independence..but there are lots of things that are more important than cannot buy relationships

Jeevan said...

Very true lakshmi! Thank you

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

I feel the same about money.Much as it is essential to have a decent living,it's nothing but an overrated piece of paper!

Resonator said...

Money cant buy friends,...i too go with u brother

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