Thursday, December 18, 2008

Something to express

I have the right to dream and express, don’t have I? If someone stops us from expressing, whoever gets anguish and I am not except, and indeed in the inevitable world does same thing remains forever? If the days remains and dusk invisible we don’t really have the romantic nights, so unless we see or understand something we don’t know anything and inexperience. There was a feel like the hen inside overturned basket, in air holes watching the world outside where one could only breath and visible unclearly. This is very difficult for me with a desire for the vast expansion of nature. The future is in demand for everyone for varies reason and for me it’s my parent I live up to, the only belief in the world I move. May I think why I looking within a circle of life, and thinking similarly too much, because I am taking about truth as it needs more pressure and patency to survive, where a lie can easily daub in someone’s doubt. I can clear the doubts about my stance, but I don’t know to make it possible without hurting others, especially people who are strange enough. And I don’t like anyone distress because of me, where I lose in lack of peace seeing them alike, and that the reason at every strike I move without hitting back.

Coming to the matter it was something annoys the mind. Some gives extraordinary hope to me and without thinking or knowing how many hurts experienced in past! When one lived in lonely planet, the crowded thing attracts to live and see how life works out there. At every dawn there is light, for me those are mirage, where I could not accept it truly, because of the experience that taught me more dark than light. Thus I hope to see a beautiful dawn to be special in the uncontrolled nature and I could not relate to the reason were so many experts itself couldn’t find the meaning. There is a minus side I need to acknowledge where in recent past I looked more for comfort than to fight against the disorder, but now I am in the balance instrument to handle both sides equally. I like and interest to balance both accordingly without losing either side which is both important and have least selfish mind.

Few may think or leave me far behind, but I don’t care as whatever I think and do is human nature and what I feeling is true. There are people having a circle what to do and not, alike similarly I have some what really depends on the things I think possible and must. Everything went out smoothly, until a sudden twist triggers strong wind to get down, to normal later where life as usual. Like celebration and happiness are the triggers create by heart has to come down to beat normal in conclusion. In struggle there are lots of sorrows; in fight more pains to carry on and what balancing between those are going to be pleasant? I see my life only exists through balance, in case if I lose it to advance unaware treatment I can’t even get back to remain or less. In this only state I can’t completely invisible the truth exist, I remember a story taught being child: ‘a boy sitting on a tree shouts suddenly, tiger is coming and he repeats same couple of times, where people working in fields came to rescue, deceit to his lies. And once again he shouted, but the disappointed farmers unturned where a real tiger took him away’. so what I see is there is some true even in lies. In the amount of, instead of lies - unaware, I don’t want to miss those truths behind, and what’s going through these days in my practical life.


Ghost Particle said...

hey nanba,

i dont know what to say. somehow i feel the pain in you, been thinking of you lately. things will be ok brother. god is looking after you.

ill call u later tonite, u b cool ok :)


Annie Wicking said...

Once again you have award me with something to think about, my dear friend Jeevan.

I wish you and your family much peace and happiness at this special time of the year.

Best wishes and ((Hugs))


Lakshmi said...

we do go through painful moments sometimes but its only a phase..take care ..and Im sure there will be better days ahead

Premyscakes said...

I am speechless, dont know what to say, but i strongly believe in god who will give u abnormal mind power to get thru all your sorrows.

Jeeves said...

Hi Jeevan,

Please please take care. You are strong person.

Jeevan said...

GP – you gave me much warm bro, it's so pleasant to have ur call late night. Hugs

Annie – Thanks so much dear friend. Wish you all the best and a wonderful year ahead for your publishing writing.

Lakshmi – Thanks buddy. I could take those are passing clouds, but they leave the wetness around for sometime.

Premy – Thank you dear, my wishes too :)

Jeeves – Thanks for your support friend :)