Monday, March 23, 2009

Trust and belief

Placid lake
Everybody trusts somebody in the essence of life. Being true to ourselves is also a form of trust and belief, which get us freedom and left fearless to be strong. When I come to think about trust, I felt to believe that humans are the only obvious in life. From my view I see only people around me and even my favorable nature could turn sometime to unwind, but if a person could not attend me I am no more and sprinkle. In trusting something vague and nothing, it’s better to trust a person indeed. Every person is not believed easily and no one could understand like a person indeed. I believed in some people generally and when came to know there true nature I does lost hope, but learned lessons that all passing clouds don’t rain forever. Even though I expected and experienced drought to realize that seasons change and every season have an essence. But what remains eternal was air we breathe and what exist for now.

What we believe is up to our belief and nobody can force somebody to believe something. Even if something exists by a force there we could not find a true belief and something like that I experienced early in my life without my knowledge. Today also I could see some parents insert there belief into there children and wiser people to defuse the young ones uncertain. No person is unbeliever just like that, unless experience the stuff and learn a lesson, and don’t our experience and knowledge rise us up? There was something called god, ones I believed uncertainly and prayed from heart and do things whatever said by parents. My journey drove me through much mirage believed to be true and murmured anything without front thinking and in fear. No one could find out the change in me so easily, because there wasn't much difference in my practice and the change happens inside to invisible to anyone. In love I accept anyone’s wishes and prayers, direct or indirect it was from there heart, but I never pledged to there belief, because I trust them and not there belief.

In friendship trust is more important, what we can’t share with our parents and cousins could be done with a friend. What I shared here is unknown mostly to my dear ones outside blogging and I wonder sometimes why we have a limit with them. We really run within a circle and never thought to go beyond in trusting more like a friend and alike, everyone have a friend to share there secret in trust. In my life I am uncertain with any relationship to trust to bear me as long I and they live, and it was something uneasy for me to think beyond my parents. If I have to say something about my happiness and spirit, is because of being true to myself and my conscience. First we have to trust ourselves, before expecting someone to be true. We trust people up to a boundary and even we have to trust them alone beyond the boundary, which I would to do with no secondary idea.

This post was inspired by Krystyna’s recent blog post.
The picture above was taken on feb 12, at 6 in early morning. The place was Muttukadu Backwater Lake on ECR.


krystyna said...

Dear Jeevan,
I really understand your reaction and I really appreciate you share your thoughts.
"Trust and belief" in my opinion is molding through our whole life and sometimes our "belief" could turn upside down. It happened in my life few times. And believe me, I am still in searching way. Nothing is for sure, and everybody different, with different experiences.
You are very young but very smart, and mature man. When I was in your age my thoughts were not the same as they are today.
"Trust in God" is very important for me today. After many experiences (I was atheist too) I feel and want to "Trust in God". This post is especially for me. Maybe it sounds "selfish", but I try to write what I need to know or to do by myself. If somebody will take something, it is only - if he/she wants.
"Trust in God" it's the only way to have true peace in my life.
You know, I write about health. And for today I feel that the most important thing is "Trust in God", then other thing. (eg. good diet, exercises, etc.)
I think that this is a big subject, but really I don't want to write about "belief". I am not preacher. I only wanted to accentuate the one of MY very important part of my healing way.

"What we believe is up to our belief and nobody can force somebody to believe something".

Absolutely, you right, dear Jeevan!

Thank you so much for your great, thought-provocative post!
Take care!

krystyna said...

Great photo, Jeevan!
I feel as I am the one with Mother Nature.

Kavi said...

What an awesome picture !! Superb ! Thats one of the best from your camera !


Sujata said...

In friendship trust is very very true!

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Trust forms the basis of everything in decides success, results, consequences and many many more! It is very important to trust and yet place that trust carefully in chosen hands! Without trust life will exist no doubt, but only in monochrome, robbed off the element of being able to connect well with a fellow-being!

Great post and a wonderful picture!

Btw....I'm the guy with the glasses on in that pic you saw on my space! Completely un-photogenic!

yamini meduri said...

hello Jeevan
firstly thanks for making me visit this blog of has got some kind of positive energy..!!

and abt the post...yeah i agree.. trust is the basic foundation for any relationship and if it comes to friendship its a must..!!!

the pic is beautiful...picture perfect.!!!

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

without trust, no relation can exist.

this is a very insightful post is beautifully written.

the picture is so very beautiful. it soothes the mind and the heart.

take care :)

ashok said...

i agree...and great fotography...

Ash said...

Profound post. Keep the faith!!

Lakshmi said...

beautiful pic and a thought provoking post and belief is what keeps us going in life..:)

Devika said...

Trust is the very essence of a rightful it in God, be it in people...

One never loses hope when life is built on trust and faith....but yes, some passing clouds are there in this world as they are in the outside world...

ignore them or not -- they finally rain off or pass by...and those shouldn't cloud our thoughts....

Nice writing Jeevan,
and a nice picture there :)


humanobserver said...

I am absolutely agree with you that trust plays a crucial role in friendship. Loved your images.