Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yellow to me

Sometimes the evening sunshine
and smiling intestine,
the frequent holder at photos frame
the charming chamomiles;
sometimes the dawning moon
that caught in my cam,
the amazing sunflowers
with pride and produce to face the sun.

The mid days beach sand
the lovers to go hand in hand
and butts to go on bearing heat;
the leaves before go on rustle
and hay that feed bulls;
the sparkling gold jewels
the thing overtake lives true precious.

My favorite drink frooti
I blow and burst with fun,
the light ignored at traffic signals
no wonder, while there are quite skippers;
turmeric, a kind of nature treat
for a better visage and spot free,
drinking cumin water is what
get me better with cold days.
Yellow yellow dirty fellow...
one of the funniest ad I remember.

This was something I followed the path of my late post, Red to me.


Priya said...

Yellow is bright and it makes us feel glow and beautiful inside. Good one.

Kavi said...

In school there used to be acruel rhyme called...

'yellow yellow
dirty fellow'

Although, it was such a pleasant and absorbing colour !


Miladysa said...

Just what I needed on this dull day!

Thank you :D

Thooya said...

Yellow is sun..it makes the world to move.. :)

Nice one jeevz

Shionge said...

Very nice...yellow yellow can be champion hero too :D

Indrani said...

Hi Jeevan, Cool lines and thanks for the link to the ad. :)

humanobserver said...

Nice flower. Splendid :)

Devika said...

Yellow goes well with white...I love the combination...

As unicolour -- yellow flowers are catchy...like the flower there :)

Yellows make photos, bright I feel...and it cheers when moody :)

This was a cute poem, Jeevan


Rakesh Vanamali said...

I like yellow! Bought a bright yellow tee a few weeks ago!

Good poem Jeevan!

Jeevan said...

That’s cool buddies to share ur thoughts on yellow. Thanks so much :)

Premyscakes said...

Wow jeevan, that a cute one. i too love yellow.