Thursday, May 14, 2009

Done my phase

My ID to vote I vote
my proof to vote
The day came yesterday which I looked forward to poll my right as an Indian citizen for first time. As u know already the candidate whom I chose to vote, and there was nothing change in it and I don’t want to miss the chance and waited to do my exercise which came at last few minutes left for conclusion. As dad was engaged with a travel program and uncertain be back within 4pm, we call uncle to take us to polling booth and while time was shrinking I was slightly in disbelief, could I able to exercise my franchise when everything comes closer including disable-friendly polling. With half an hour to closing, we reached the school which reserved for us where no queue, rush or urge, I quietly poll my vote after conforming my name and picture in the voter list similar to my voter ID card, and after signing and led a drop of ink on nail, I moved to EVM and pressed the ballot button right beside my candidate symbol. A beep sound confirmed my vote and the officer moved her head to let me go.

The question not ends there, but it increases after polling. Those I came across ask me the same query ‘for what do u vote? I am more clear and eager to tell the symbol I voted to anyone and everyone is unaware about the symbol and candidate I said, and asked what he does. I explained the truth and stand strange from those repeat the same for years unchanged now. My uncle expressed his disbelief that people and politicians will never give opportunity for good people. I know my candidate’s winning opportunity is very very less and impossible, but even though I vote him to show the strength he receives being a unique person with worth attitudes and to show we’re here to welcome such people for a change.

Somehow I loved to tell the world, that people should think before they vote and everything is changing and we have to come out from the tradition mind of polling and for a day’s drama we should not loose our dreams. Some are very pride to say we will always vote for this particular symbol/party, and I find nothing difference in there attitude and they’re confine with either party. Many see the party and not the candidate, and in this stand the change is impossible and the change, is not from the same politicians or parties with newer alliance.


Rakesh Vanamali said...

Commendable effort Jeevan! You are a change agent!

I read somewhere that bad people are elected by good people who do not vote!

I'm ashamed that I did not!

Indrani said...

I voted! :)

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

good job jeevan :)

Kavi said...

Super ! You have participated in the process !!

Lovely !

Dawn said...

Good that you are a responsible citizen but the rest what you said is so true...and I totally agree with you!!!

Let's hope the best will happen :) and everything will begin with a happy beginnning ;)
Cheers dear

yamini meduri said...

Luky u...that u voted..!!!

I i dint get myVoter Id...!!!

krystyna said...

Congrats, Jeevan!
I'm proud being your friend.
("wink"...I was always proud of you)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Devika said...

I have voted too, but I expect no Change, Jeevan :)

its simply impossible to bring in drastic changes in a democracy..a government "of the people, by the people, for the people" is not easy as we wish away :)

anyway, public awareness is a good thing


Anya said...

Thats great Jeevan :)

Priya said...

Thaz great Jeevan.

vishesh said...

:) good , lets see what happens :D

Shuuro said...

Great job jeevan. i dont know if results are up to your satisfaction. Anyways, i hope people of TN will prosper under new govt.

Ponniyinselvan said...

dear jeevan,
happy that u voted. The results have come out. let's hope for the best.

Jeevan said...

Thanks everyone, from my side the results are identical with no difference, but unexpected.