Monday, May 11, 2009

Vote for change

With just two days left for parliament election in Tamil nadu, and as i was engaged with a conversation, someone asked me whom will I vote for? Somehow I manage to evade, even though he just want an answers from me and asks me this or that party... I maintain silent and want to say it’s my right to vote for whomever I want, but instead said I am not going to vote for any political party. Whether its amaze or not, I have decided already for whom I should vote for. This was my first polling and I was looking forward to a turn from the common tradition of polling either parties which remains indifferent from there views and promise, and I found this independent candidate called Sarath Babu, a young CEO of Foodking and former student of BITS, Pilani and IIM Ahmed., from Chennai whom I came to know in past through a mail. When lately came to know he was standing from my constituency (south Chennai), I was interested in knowing about him more and I agreed when i came to read his views on entering politics and going through his intention, I decided he is the right person to vote.

He is someone, took career based on his passion and this was something I like more in him, when common people only aim on IT and he who came from the poverty chooses to be an entrepreneur with his intention and will power, inspire anyone on interest. I feet nothing wrong in openly saying who I like to vote for, whether it kept secret or not it’s the true. I am not going to see which party gonna rule the government or who become a prime minister, because it’s not in our hand and my single vote gonna change nothing, but an initial step to change tradition. My cause to poll him because, some one brought up from poverty can understand well the bottom of lives, the worth of hard work and what the true need was.

More than seeing what has done repeatedly; free of cost, illusion… we need something better into society and let that comes from an energetic and educated youth. There are politicians whose lips spoken about giving way to youngsters, but I don’t see it comes from there heart, if it was, we could see more young leaders. Slate is something we all began our life towards knowledge, and what we’re going to write on this could reflect and change the political intention. Whether he wins or not, it’s an initial step taken toward a change and I wish everyone supports him to victory. This isn’t a campaign post!
Read more about Sarath Babu here and watch video below.


ARUNA said...

sarath's video is so inspiring to the present generation.......Sarath did his project training for 3 months in Polaris, chennai while he was doing his Masters, and i'm proud to say that i was the HR for him.
Had i known at that time he wud bcome so famous, i wud've booked a chef post in advance!!

Kavi said...

I am not sure about the strength of his candidature !

But more sure i am about the strength of his character !

Wonderful !

Anya said...

I am not a political woman !!

I think your handwriting very funny with all those curls,
I would to learn to write it ;)
Have a nice evening, Jeevan

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

i came to know @ Sarath Babu when he refused a package of 8,50,000 and instd decided to open his own company "foodking" so that he can give employment to many other people.

all d best to him. India needs ppl like him. hope he will shine in the field of politics too.

tulipspeaks said...

I'm glad to know u r exercising ur rights to vote, jeevan! :-)


Jeevan said...

Aruna – That’s nice about him, and I hope he inspires more.

Kavi – I wish this could continue. Like someone said, it’s a long step he had took and nothing happens all of sudden, he must fought from least by take part in local elections to let know his near ones first and to move step by step.

Anya – Thanks, have a nice day :)

Preeti – he is an example to draw our own path except from walking on already exist. I wish he don’t turn as a politician, but change the political attitude. I wish him along with you :)

Ammu – Thanks dear :)

krystyna said...

I wish you and your country
the best choose!

Thanks for great post, Jeevan!

Shuuro said...

Very nice thoughts jeevan. I also voted for a party, which is new and won't win majority but i still voted to show my support to such people, who want to bring change. I don't understand tamil but i think i got basic essence of his message. so did he win?